Aklean Service Window Washing

Professional Window Cleaning in Portland, OR

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Aklean Service Window Washing

Professional Window Cleaning in Portland, OR

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About Aklean Service Window Washing

Hi I'm Daniel Cashman providing professional window cleaning service. I offer free estimates, flexible scheduling, top quality service with the priority to exceed my customer expectations. I am fully insured and licensed. I have been providing services to Portland Oregon's residential and commercial business for over 6 years.

My full service package includes pressure washing exterior surfaces including moss removal and cleaning of the gutters. Window washing service includes the inside, outside, screens and tracks or I customize my service to fit the customers needs.

I do offer special discounts to customers who request regular service schedule. Helps keep expenses down so I can keep my business overhead low so I pass the savings on to my customers.

We are simply the best window cleaning service in Portland Oregon.

Contact me today, I will have your home or business sparkling clean within the next couple of days.


I specialize in customer service, spotless and streak less window cleaning, full inspection of exterior door and window frames, check caulking and gap issues. This prevents not only heat loss but also prevents moisture from entering your walls.It helps to avoid the health issue associated with mold exposure and the expensive cost of removing the mold.

Questions and Answers

  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
I do a complete quality check when we finished then I do a complete walk through with my customer to double check. I also offer one free return spot check within one month to address any problems or issues with my work (but it never happens).I have a great referral discount offer. Give me 2 referrals for jobs and you will receive a $25 discount once again on your next service.
  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
  • How long have you been in business and are you insured?
  • Do you provide training for your workers to ensure quality work? This includes safe handling of personal item's while cleaning inside windows and keeping work areas clean.
  • Does the company do background checks on workers? Are the workers able to work around a customers schedule? Is the work guaranteed?
  • Most importantly, are your employees respectful and are they enjoyable and pleasant to be around?
Portland, OR 97209
   (503) 954-8331
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