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Phoenix, AZ

About All American Window Cleaning

All American Window Cleaning is a company that offers large- and small-scale window cleaning services for affordable prices.

Our team of window cleaning professionals implements all precautions to make sure you receive safe residential window cleaning without the risk of subjecting your property to any form of damage.

Besides cleaning windows for homes, we can also clean windows in malls, stores, offices, hotels, and hospitals.

We offer free estimates for your window cleaning needs.

Remodeling cost guides

Rug Cleaning Cost
Average cost to clean a rug in Phoenix is over $160 (8'x10' rug, professional cleaning)

Sewer Line Cleaning Cost
Average cost to clean the sewer line in Phoenix is over $200 (standard professional cleaning)

Wall Cleaning Service Cost
Typical cost clean your walls in Phoenix is over $900 (interior wall cleaning, second cleaning and cleaning of 3 ceiling fans)

Window Frame Repair Cost
Average cost to repair a window frame in Phoenix is about $480 (40 x 55 inches - aluminium frame)

Window Blinds Cost
Typical average cost to install window blinds in Phoenix is over $620 (faux wood slat blinds on 8 windows of 27-inches)

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