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Professional Pet Care in Gainesville, FL

Gainesville, FL

About All Critter Sitters

All Critter Sitters provides 30-45 minutes of pet sitting or dog walking in your home. We are insured and bonded.


We specialize in:

  • Pet care
  • Dog walking
  • Pet and house sitting

Remodeling cost guides

Pet Proofing Cost
Typical cost to pet proof a house in Gainesville is around $440 (pet gates, furniture protection and invisible fence)

Gainesville, FL 32605
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Payment options
Tasha King accepts cash and checks

I request that my clients / pet parents contact me via email, voicemail or text upon their arrival back home so I know there will be no gap in care due to travel delays.

If there are any problems with the services rendered, clients have 48 hours upon return to report the issue. So far, this has never been a problem!

I make every attempt to establish and keep a great relationship with my clients and their furry, scaly or feathery kids. I can and will send text or email updates with pictures.

Always be sure that your sitter is insured and bonded, as with any other contractor.

Ask about qualifications that your sitter has. Do they have previous animal experience?

Have they had veterinary experience?

Are they alone tending to your pet's needs or do they hire private contractors?

Do they charge extra for multiple pets, holidays, meds, or certain hours?


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