Ameran Garage Doors and Gates, LLC

Garage Door Repair & Installation in Stanton, CA

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Ameran Garage Doors and Gates, LLC

Garage Door Repair & Installation in Stanton, CA

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About Ameran Garage Doors and Gates, LLC

Amera Garage Doors and Gates, LLC, offers the best garage door repairs and gate repairs in Orange County, CA. We have been in the business since 2006, and we know that you are looking to have a great experience from a local company.

We are great at iron gate and fence gate repairs, automatic gate repairs, and driveway gate repairs! We know what it takes to offer you the phenomenal service that you seek, so you can be sure that WE WILL ARRIVE WITHIN 3 HOURS WHEN YOU CALL!

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We specialize in garage door repairs and gate repairs in Orange County, CA! We work with garages, gates, iron gate repairs, driveway gate repairs, and entry systems! We look forward to working with each customer, each client, and each person that does business with us! We always enjoy when we beat a customer's expectations and WE ARRIVE WITHIN 3 HOURS WHEN YOU CALL! As long as you call Ameran Garage Doors and Gates, LLC, you can look for us to settle your needs and get the job done well! We are devoted to giving you the type of gate care that you want! You want to have us work on your garage and gate, so be sure to call our garage door and gate contractors!


Since Ameran Garage Doors and Gates, LLC, is a garage door and repair company, we obviously work with, well, garage door and gate products. Some of the well known products that people recognize when it comes to the garage door repair and gate repair problems we do are: LiftMaster (TM), Victory (TM), US Automatic (TM), BFT (TM), CAME (TM), DoorKing Gate Operators (TM), American Access System (TM), Beninca (TM), Linear Locinox (TM), PowerMaster (TM), Remset (TM), RIB (TM), Reno (TM), GTO/Pro (TM), Elite (TM), Eagle Operators (TM), FAAC (TM), BD Loops (TM), Genie (TM), Amarr (TM), and other trademarked products for garage door openers and gate openers. Call us if you wish for a specific brand or product.

Questions and Answers

  • What we may not know about you?
The customers may think that it is as simple as possible to have our garage door repair contractors and gate repair contractors ARRIVE WITHIN 3 HOURS, even though it is a standard that we hold ourselves to. We enjoy serving cities where it is actually a bunch of small communities that need to have their garages and gates serviced well. We do not discriminate between large cities or small communities; we just like the homely and humble atmosphere that comes with working with them. We enjoy being around churches and the humility that is shown is a great environment to work in.
  • How many projects do you average in a year?
We usually do about 2 or 3 jobs a day for our guys.That means that, for every worker, we do give approximately 520 to 780 jobs a year, depending on whether they want to work five days a week. Some employees work 4 days a week, some one day a week. It really does not matter. We pay you based on the jobs that you do, so that you can make as much as you want, based on your effort. However, we do offer a base salary for those that want to play it safe and just do jobs as they are told to do. Neither philosophy is inherently right or wrong. One thing is for sure: Fred built this company on the former choice. He had to build his business off commission, because there was no salary if he failed to get customers.
  • What kind of questions do customers ask you?
From customers, we get asked "what are our favorite types of jobs to do?" Just kidding. We do not get asked that question, and very rarely.Question: What time will you arrive here?Question: How much do you cost?
  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
It is a common flaw that some companies will leave customers high and dry after the job is done. They will fix the gate, bill the customer, and then leave and never show up again. It basically a flawed and annoying system of rushing through as many customers as you can without giving them adequate time to become a fully competent customer. it is similar to having a doctor that rushes through his patients and does not check to see if they received the care they adequately deserve. Imagine if a doctor kicked you out the door after your 10 minutes were up, regardless of whether you were confident in the procedure or knowledge of your health. Would you be proud or support that doctor financially later on?
  • How did you get started?
Ameran Garage Doors and Gates, LLC, started as a mission to deliver the highest quality garage door repairs and gate repairs. As long as there are garage door problems and gate problems that need to be serviced while we are in Orange County, CA, you can be confident that Ameran Garage Doors and Gates, LLC, will be here for you! We know that we can offer nothing other than the best repairs, contractors, and team to handle any type of problem you have. The last thing you want to do is deal a company that is solely trying to get a dollar from you without giving the quality, which is how Ameran Garage Doors and Gates, LLC, has started!
  • What is important to know about your profession?
I wish my customers would be able to see the dedication that our employees have for this company, Ameran Garage Doors and Gates, LLC. If only customers knew the amount of insurance and high expectations that clients have when it comes to fixing their garage, it would really make clients expect more and appreciate more. For example, the phrase of "you do not know what some person is going through until you step a mile in their shoes" is quite accurate. We have done much to make the company what it is now, and it would be great for customers to just spend one day on the job to see how it is. We do not take our work for granted; we would just like to see how dedicate we are to giving our customers a phenomenal and amazing experience.
  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
We would want some of our customers to contact us about how quickly we will arrive in order to get a job done!Q: How long will it take Ameran Garage Doors and Gates, LLC, to arrive and fix my gate?A: WE WILL ARRIVE WITHIN 3 HOURS WHEN YOU CALL!A: We give phenomenal quality, such as arriving within a short amount of time, so you do not need to worry about waiting a week. We also strive to check to make sure the gates and garages are input correctly and are maintained to work well, so you do not have to hire another garage door company when the one that you hired for a super cheap price gives your garage and gate cheap results.
  • How can we save money hiring you?
We would recommend our customers choose to read up on the procedures necessary to any garage door repair and gate repair. We do not want you to just call any garage door repair company to fix your garage, because they may randomly find "other things" that may be wrong with your gate outside of your principal problem, such as a broken garage door spring or a broken garage door cable. This applies to gate problems that may occur as well. This also applies to anything that you do in your life as well. We do not want you to just hand your car over to a mechanic without having some idea of what is wrong your car, because you mechanic may "find" some more errors. Some may be justified; however, how can you tell they are telling you the truth? It is better for both of you if you are just educated.
  • What are you most proud of?
Our founder, Fred, still remembers the one time he personally serviced a customer. It may have been a little more than a year ago, maybe a year and a day ago, and he still remembers the smile on this woman's face as she called his telephone number for the company at (714) 905-9909. Her name was Anna Marissa Temple to be exact. She called because she was tired of companies calling, saying they would fix her gate, only to show up a week later and charge for the service visit and never really fix it. She called our company, which was definitely not the first one she called, and our team dispatch officer called Fred about this special case. Fred, being trained in garage door repair and gate repair, who has since managed the business, personally went out and arrived on the job in the three hours like our company stated. He changed her life and made her cry from his phenomenal service. It was quite funny to see the old guy doing a job like he did when he was younger.
  • What do you recommend to know before hiring you?
I recommend people to go to a simple Google search to find the Wikipedia source about how to successfully have your garage door repair and gate repair done well! You do not want to have a garage door repair or gate repair that is done by an amateur, only to cost you more down the line when you end up calling (714) 9909 to contact Ameran Garage Doors and Gates, LLC! We have been working with many customers, and we know that a definite help to our clients would be for them to make a Yahoo search or a Bing search for a WikiHow page on how to do a garage door repair and gate repair! As long as you are eager to know what you want done to your gate or garage and you have an idea of how it should be done, you will be able to cipher through scams in the industry, especially if you know more than the person you are calling.
  • What types of jobs are the most common?
The types of jobs that are most common are electric gate repairs, garage door repairs, iron gate repairs, driveway gate repairs, entry system gates, automatic gate repairs, and one of our favorites, garage door and gate installations. Why do we enjoy our garage door and gate installation jobs? We enjoy it because we are able to walk through with the customers and give them the best type of garage and gate to work with them! It is part of the home remodeling part of our work, because a garage is one of the first things you notice about a home, unconsciously. Another thing you notice is the type of gate that opens when you enter the community, especially if it is an automatic driveway gate. People like to feel royal, and we enjoy making people feel that way.
Stanton, CA 90680
   (714) 905-9909
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We currently are not members of too many memberships. We actually are very affiliated with some notable people in Orange County. We enjoy working with clients and clients directly, regardless of professional affiliations. We are very eager and excited about working with people in these organizations. Some of the professional organizations that we wish to work with are the Chamber of Commerce in the local cities in Orange County, CA, like Santa Ana, Brea, and Costa Mesa! We believe in being active in the community. Another type of professional organization we wish to work with is with the other garage door companies in town. We are eager to work with a phenomenal company like OC Garage Doors and Gates as well as CityScape Garage Doors. They are phenomenal companies, and we are sure that we can learn and work together in order to give Orange County, CA, the best garage door repair and gate repair experience!

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The owner, Fred, himself came out when he heard how badly I needed my garage door f8xed, He quickly analyzed the problem, told me what needed to be done and gave me an estimate and timeline. FRED, is very friendly, knowledgeable, and explains everything as he does as he goes along. The price is fair and everything is cleaned when he leaves. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND HIM.

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