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Arem Nutritionals

Dietary Supplements in Houston, TX

Houston, TX

About Arem Nutritionals

Arem Nutritionals is specializing in dietary supplements that meet the needs of thyroid patients and patients with a weight gain problem for best results. Extensive research conducted by Dr. Arem a few years ago regarding availability of well-balanced, comprehensive, and safe supplements for people suffering from thyroid disease revealed that most supplements do not meet their real needs.

Many are not safe or are imbalanced, incomplete, or contain some ingredients in excess or in suboptimal amounts. This is what prompted Dr. Arem to design a line of products compatible with his thyroid program to enhance thyroid patients? quality of life and to meet the needs of the immune system which is often the root of thyroid disease.

Arem Nutritionals was founded in 2007 and since then has been committed to make available to the public the best quality supplements at the lowest price possible.

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