Artisan Painting & Construction, LLC

Paintng & Construction in Edmond, OK

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Artisan Painting & Construction, LLC

Paintng & Construction in Edmond, OK

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About Artisan Painting & Construction, LLC

First and foremost, we are a veteran and family owned business built on pride and commitment to total satisfaction for our customers.

We will go the extra effort till you are completely happy and content with whatever job we have performed for you.

We Love working with historic and the weird, one of a kind jobs. You think it up, we'll do it! With over 30 years of experience, all work is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction.

We are skilled in all areas of home repair such as painting, restorations, remodels, roof repair, concrete repair, built-in cabinets, plus so much more.

Contact us for a detailed list of the services we provide.

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The bulk of what we do is all types of painting.

Door & window installation is also a specialty of ours.


I prefer Local paint manufacturers but all the stores stock good quality paint, you just have to pay extra. Of course the customer always have the last word. Lumber & hardware are all about the same if you compare the same grade.

Questions and Answers

  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
We always respond very quickly to correct any issue.inform the home owers of possible trouble or action that needs to be addressed. We are a whole house repair and maintinence company and keep our eyes open for any problems.
  • What are you most proud of?
Restoration of the storefront of Oklahoma Drug Store Museum & the Chamber of Commerce in downtown Guthrie, OK. It was ate up by termites & we had to tear it apart then reframe it. Then we trimmed it out exactly to match the original. Finished it up with a very nice 3 color paint job. We also removed all the second floor screens & reglazed the wood windows then painted them with a 2 color scheme. We also replaced all the screens and spline before we replaced the frames back over wood windows. I have posted some pics on this site.
  • What types of jobs are the most common?
Painting is by far the most common type of job we do. It's about a fifty fifty percent between interior and exterior jobs. I also do a lot of wood repair and staining. We do a lot of kitchen and bathroom remodels. Flooring comes in next, with tile and composite in the lead. Stockade fence repair, replacement, and stain sealer are well up on the list.
  • How can we save money hiring you?
That's a very tough question. It is a delicate balance between saving money and going so thrifty that you end up with an unsatisfactory result. The easiest way to save money is by going down the center of the road. You may not want to always choose the name brand items Don't pick the most expensive items nor the least expensive. One don't go off name brand is on the electrical and HVAC. Plumbing is fine, it won't burn your home down.
  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
  • Always make sure they are insured
  • Ask for and check references
  • Don't always go with the cheapest bid,
  • Sometimes they will cut corners to keep low.
  • Ask about their experience and equipment
  • Ask about their safety program and history
  • Then it's all about how you feel about them
  • Go with and trust your instincts
  • How many projects do you average in a year?
It greatly varies from year to year. Sometimes they are only a day or two then I've done some that took over 9 months to complete. The average project takes a week or two. So in a year my average number of projects is around 2 dozen..
  • What kind of questions do customers ask you?
By far the most asked questions are how long will it take and how messy will it be. I tell them what time I have figured into the estimate and make sure they understand that there is a possibility of delays. I also assure them that I'll keep the mess and the dust down to a minimum, then clean up at the end of the day.
  • How did you get started?
I grew up in the country, joined the Air Force & was trained in electronics.A getting an honorable discharge I quickly found out that I love to design build & work with my hands, and been doing it ever since. That was 1973. I was a Mississippi Riverboat captain from 78 to 82 but the building kept calling. I went to work at Diversified Systems doing everything under the sun. Worked my way up to the top superintendent position then we made a deal for me to start my own business in 95. I've been doing this ever since. Call me with any questions.
Edmond, OK 73013
   (405) 370-0825
Contact Dale Thomas

I don't have any license or certification. The state of Oklahoma does not require any. When I need to get work done on electrical, plumbing, or heat & air I have several licensed subcontractors that are available.

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I have only raves and praise for Artisan. I was treated with dignity and respect. Mr. Dale Thomas and crew were very professional and courteous. Artisan went over and beyond my expectations and job was completed in a timely manner with excellent results. I used Artisan for painting, carpeting, and total kitchen remodeling. It is BEAUTIFUL. I highly recommend Artisan and will be using them to remodel my bathroom. They are wonderful and I am totally satisfied.


My personal experience with "Artisan" has been a "success" story. The projects have been met and completed within my expected/required expectations. I have utilized the expertise of Artisan for the past (4) years. The varied range of skills have greatly lessened the necessity to go beyond Artisan. I highly recommend Artisan as a local source to homeowners for dependable home repair service.

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