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Bail Bonds DIRECT

Bail Bonds in Van Nuys, CA

Van Nuys, CA

About Bail Bonds DIRECT

Bail Bonds DIRECT is the company you need to get out of jail fast. Qualified bondsmen are available to help you or a loved one in your time of need.

Why trust Bail Bonds Direct with your bail?

We deal with, but not limited to:

  • Drug offense bail bonds
  • Drunk driving bail bonds
  • Domestic violence bail bonds
  • All felonies bail bonds
  • All misdemeanors bail bonds
  • All courts bail bonds
  • All jails bail bonds

And with locations all over California, no matter what your bond is set at, you’ll have a professional agent by your side, helping you through each step, until you have posted bail.

Contact us now to get in touch with your personal bail bond agent and get fast, local service when you need it.


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14501 Calvert 2nd Floor
Van Nuys, CA 91401
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