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Bathtub Refinishing. Don't Gut IT! Don't Cover IT! Reglaze IT!!!


B) Restoration of the tub. $$ ( In the middle)

Other refinishers will only schedule to refinish your tub for the most money. I often can just professionally clean your tub. (We have to start here anyway)

You will be surprised at how good I can make you tub look by professionally cleaning it however, Sometimes the tub may still be a little worn. If that's the case than I have a restoration process which seals the worn areas and brings back the gloss.

If it's a color change or the tub has a lot of body work or has stains I just can't get out (which is rare) then refinishing is the choice.

I live right here in Norwalk, Ct. Since 1964. So I doubt that I'm going anywhere.

After working in Corporate for 22 years in the IT dept. The company moved to Texas and we choose to stay here in CT.

I went to school and started refinishing in 2005 Started my LLC in 2006.

Norwalk, CT 06851
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Stamford, Norwalk and Westport


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