Comm1 Systems

Commercial and Private Communication Services in New Almaden, CA

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Comm1 Systems

Commercial and Private Communication Services in New Almaden, CA

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About Comm1 Systems

Comm1 Systems is a full-service telecommunications company for the public safety, government, military, and other supporting communication industries and wireless infrastructures. We sell most all of the major brands for antennas, hardline, tower structures, safety equipment, and tower accessories, and other tower facility-related products which allow us to give you more options when building a system of any size.

As of March 2011, we have joined in strategic partnership with NVIS Communications which serves clientele from all over the US and around the globe with unparalleled service and high-demand products such as Thales multi-band radios and Barrett Communications for military and commercial HF/VHF applications.

In March of 2013, we have seen huge growth and demand for a dedicated tower service company in the Northern and Central California regions, thus decided to further our goal of serving our clients by opening a new company: Comm1 Towers.

Since 2001, we have specialized in building repeater systems and tower facility services. We also specialize in putting our clients first in everything we do. These are key ingredients to having a successful business, which is what our competitors struggle in. Should your network or equipment fail at any time, we will come to you to resolve the issue regardless of where you bought it from.

We have served clients from across the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. We have excellent references with our clients, and we hold several certifications and licenses with Gravitec, Andrew, Anritsu, Eupen, BICSI, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Services we offer:

  • Scheduled Maintenance Service
  • Communication Equipment Sales
  • Communication System Consulting
  • Mobile Radio Installation
  • Rental Equipment Dept.
  • Surplus Sales & Hauling

Whomever you are or wherever you work, we are committed to meet and exceed your work demands and business expectations.

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We specialize in the tower facility and tower climbing industries, including maintenance, management, safety and other required services.

Questions and Answers

  • What is important to know about your profession?
We specialize in everything we do and refuse to meet only the minimum quota. We always strive to work hard and diligently in everything we do. Our #1 goal is to give you the satisfaction and respect you deserve in everything we do.We don't take shortcuts on our work, and we certainly don't use cheap or fail-prone products either. If this is what you want, then we're not the company for you. However if you want high-quality parts with a top-notch service, friendly staff, and a high track record with our clients and customers, then you've come to the right place!
  • How many projects do you average in a year?
Depending on the seasons, weather changes, and how much work our clients and customers need, we average 24-30 projects in a year or 3-4 major projects in a single month. Each project can take as little as one day or extend across several weeks at a time. We also contract out our services to other companies who may be short in their crews or are overloaded with projects that they could not otherwise handle by themselves.
  • How can we save money hiring you?
Our company is a one-stop shop. We offer everything from the basic and advanced consulting, to equipment purchasing and installation, to tower facility management and safety inspections. Most other companies don't offer this and only focus on one area of expertise. That's fine. However, if you want to save money and time, and stay with a company that offers all this and so much more, why go anywhere else? It doesn't make sense to jump between companies, get varied opinions and limited warranties, and not save on time and costs in total. With our company, we offer you professional service, high-quality products, and excellent equipment packages that no other company can achieve. Why not contact us today and ask how we can help you with your next project!
  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
Even though we guarantee our work to be free from defects and other common issues seen in this industry, we also offer a maintenance schedule and management opportunities should our clients and customers want us to follow up and maintain their tower facility and/or tower equipment.We just don't stop after the work is done. Our goal is to become a part of your family and make sure that your communications and data services remain uninterrupted for years and years to come after our service is complete.
  • How did you get started?
Starting in the fall of 2000, a young man had to create and design a business project for his economics class in high school. He chose to create a small group that would focus on communicating with other CB and GMRS users. Thus, WestSide Radio Communications Association (WSRCA) began. During that year, part of the requirements for completion were to monitor the stock exchange program, make real business decisions, and create pamphlets or advertising flyers to draw potential customers towards the "business". He instead chose to create a website that offered membership services for this group. Apparently this was a huge success, because he started receiving actual emails from real people asking how they can join and what they can do to support this group. -- In August of 2001, two months after his high school graduation, he decided to move forward and continue serving the local community. The name changed to Bay Area Repeater Net, and is now one of the largest GMRS repeater organizations in Northern California.In August of 2008, we decided to split into two seperate companies to better serve our clients: Bay Area Repeater Systems & Bay Area Repeater Net. We are still the same quality service as before, but are now dedicated to our clients with top-notch services, products, and operations that no other business can achieve.
New Almaden, CA 95042
   (855) 275-0299
Contact D. Ryan Seregow

NVIS Communications and White Yukon Communications, ComTrain, Andrew, CommScope, Eupen, Redline, Anritsu, and the FCC.

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