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BCH Guitars specializes in custom built guitars to order, repair, restoration, instrument set-up and modification.

BCH Guitars have a great deal of experience with mechanical CAD plans as well as CNC machining of guitar bodies, necks, covers, pick-up mounting rings and much more. We also have engraving service if you have head stocks or cavity covers that you need a personal or company logo and / or message to display.

BCH Guitars also offers classes that teach instrument owners how to maintain, set-up and perform moderate repairs themselves. We guarantee a quick turnaround time as well as emergency service without the emergency price tag.


I specialize in custom-built guitars, repairs, restorations, mods and set-up. I also specialize in products for other builders such as guitar bodies and necks AutoCAD designed cut by CNC machining technology. BCH Guitars can provide router templates, cavity covers, and custom pick-up mounting rings, part replacement by way of exact copy by CNC probe and cut.


I try to stay with the tried and true brands of hardware and electronics when I can but I use what the customer want in most cases, I merely inform if I feel there is a better choice but again that is one of those areas that everyone has their preference for whatever reason. With finishing products I found a clear coat I prefer over all others and I never deviate so I always know what to expect from it.

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Just weekend crash coarse and workshops really. There were not many schools teaching when I was growing up you had to learn from someone who was already doing it or read which I have and still do a lot of. I still learn something new almost every week.


Get a book about all models at borders or amazon they are very informative and if you happen to get one with used price value it can assure that you don't get taken advantage of when buying off Craigslist or eBay, Used is about the only place you will save money but it takes time and patience to find a true deal, most time a great deal have a hidden flaw that the owner is well aware of which is why he may be getting rid of it so cheap, but with the economy being what it has been lately I have noticed that many people just need to pay bills and eat and need money to do so ASAP. IF you buy enough used gear you will eventually buy that lemon just waiting for the right moment to show itself.

That you have to breath eat and sleep guitars to really excel and be as good as or better the big guys, most decent luthiers turn out better quality product than the big manufacturers but you never hear about it because Zack Wylde or Slash don't play one. Its all about the endorsements. Don't get me wrong the guys who have been amount since before I was born did the leg work and made mistakes that I won't have to but most eventually slack and coast after several years of dominating they market or some corporation buys them out and doesn't know or care about instruments just profits. They have the advertising dollar to crush the rest of us. Often a person just figures that their instrument was made by the biggest so most likely best company and if it has the flaws that it does just imagine what lesser names quality must be.

How much is this going to cost. I can't say until I actually look at it but I try to give a ballpark and I try to stick to that.

They should ask how many years experience they posses performing their skill set. I find that a great builder and repair tech is a long time player who understands that no two instruments are the same to any two people and the more playing time you have on various instruments allows you to understand what someone's connection is to that instrument even if its not yours. You probably know the key elements of the instrument. Anytime you are looking at refinishing clear coat on a guitar there is no substitute for hours spent shooting. Its a long tedious process to get really good at and bad clear coating can be quite difficult to correct and costly if you can't get the person who shot it to admit fault and remove it.

Follow up adjustments, Q&A, and a brief tutorial on maintenance and set-up that almost anyone is capable of performing. There is no reason to pay the kid at guitar center good money to set-up a guitar who has had no more training than you can have in an hours time. If your lucky you get someone who is really into the process and takes pride in making an instrument reach its potential but more often than not they just want to get through the days work and look cool on the floor doing it.

I stared playing when I was 13 which was... lets just say about 30 years ago. I have disassembled every instrument since then, curious of what gave each its own character. I graduated to greater modifications and repairs over the years, mostly on my own gear then followed by many friends and acquaintances in the Tempe music scene that I was very active in during my mid to late twenties. Finally I started building from the ground up about 9 years ago which I took to very well most likely to years spent in R&D for a hydro company as a machinist designing, prototyping and testing new parts and product which I enjoyed a good deal.

Broken or cracked necks or neck pockets, electronics going out usually due to inferior parts or shotty labor on cheaper instruments. Cracks and chips in clear coat finishing.

Whatever the last job is would most likely be my favorite. I have been most fortunate to have only ruined one guitar I ever started after getting over the initial hump of understanding good from bad design. I dropped it and it split in half. Each of my originals have been in some way a little more challenging and unique than the previous.

Materials you are interested in and what tone you are trying to obtain. What scale length you prefer to play as well as neck pattern and preference of electronics is good to know. If you don't know some or any of these I guarantee you will end up playing the preferences of the builder, go out and play various guitars at guitar center that's what its there for leave with a better understanding of your likes and dislikes.

I complete about 10 new original designs in a year for my collection to take to various trade shows and for people to play to see what they like from the various models and occasionally sell to make room for new projects. I can't say how many repairs I complete any given year but quite a few. I would guess that I do about 4-8 custom design / builds with a client in a year as well.

I used to be in the swimming pool building business several years ago, before smaller companies found themselves merging or going out of business, I saw my profits drop and figured it was a good time to get out while the was something to get out with and go find something else I was good at to do for a living.



Brian is the "real deal" please feel free to use him for all repairs and custom work I have observed his work/site and am impressed he is "mending" one of my "endorsement" Gretsches!


They did an awesome repair for me great price too.

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