Kismet Beauty By Angela Maupin

Hair, Nail and Makeup Artist in Hampton, VA

Hampton, VA

About Kismet Beauty By Angela Maupin

Beautiful You by Angela Maupin offers hair and makeup services.

I have 20 years of experience in the beauty business, specializing in event and photography hair and makeup and nails.

I have experience in everything; from proms to outrageous models. I also do color applications, texture services, haircuts, nail services and eyelash extensions. I can commute to your location and design the right look for any shape or feature.

I require a contract and deposit payment for event styling only and have a portfolio available for your viewing. No contract required for salon services in your home.

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I really love making a woman look and feel amazing on the special day. I am all about enhancing their best features and making the maintenance of that look easy. I do many bridal parties and the most important part of my job is customer service.

I truly believe that word-of-mouth is the best advertising and I want my clients to enjoy their time with me. I give them a finished product that satisfies them so much they cannot wait to tell all their friends where to look for beauty services for their special day.


I like to work with products that reflect my ethical standards of practice.

For makeup I will use any products that are not tested on animals and I prefer to use highly pigmented colors.

I use a wide variety of brands from drugstore (I simply love E.L.F.) to high end like Mac.

Hair products are tailored to the needs of the hair I am doing. I stick to Schwarzkopf, Tigi, Sebastian and good old Aquanet!

Hampton, VA 23666
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Payment options
Angela Maupin accepts cash and Paypal

I regularly attend trade shows and continuing education classes. I subscribe to several trendsetting publications and I am a member of the Beautilish Community.

Cities served
Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News, Henrico, Hampton, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Suffolk, Petersburg and other cities within 100 miles of Hampton.
Services offered

I recommend them to prepare pictures, lots of them:

  • Pictures of yourself if we aren't meeting beforehand
  • Pictures of your clothing for the event
  • Pictures of hair pieces or accessories
  • Pictures of styles you like and would be comfortable in

Pictures make your expectations come to life.

I suffer from debilitating stage fright. I don't mind people watching while I work but they will never catch me on stage or singing karaoke! Just the thought makes me a little queasy!

That beauty is science. It takes more than just a few lessons to teach someone to do what I do.

It is always my goal to make someone look their very best, and sometimes, that means designing a style that suits not only their personality but also their best assets!

Another thing I would like someone to know is that sometimes, what the client thinks will look good, won't. I'm very honest with my clients; I like to let them know what styles would be appropriate not only for the event but for their features as well. I need my clients to trust me and my vision.

I mostly do bridal parties and photo shoots. I love my brides and understand the pressure they feel to make everything perfect for that day. The stress of a wedding and family and everything in between along with the dreaded timelines for the day can sometimes be overwhelming. I like to give a moment of calm and provide my brides with a pampered moment before their event begins.

I love to teach women how to do for them what I do. I sometimes find myself giving make up lessons while I'm applying it. I like to let a bridesmaid know how to turn a half down into an up do during the reception.

Talk to your stylist ahead of time. I always find that if my clients are open and honest about their budget, I can find a way to accommodate them. I am always willing to barter, make a payment plan and sometimes even lower my prices in exchange for photo rights.

I have always been fascinated with beauty and beauty products, and have always helped my friends look their best. I wanted to have a career that not only allowed me to do something enjoyable but also encouraged my creative artistic self to come forward.

I am very outgoing, friendly and service oriented, so cosmetology seemed like a perfect fit.

What should I do to prepare for your services? Make sure your hair is dry and down (no yucky elastics to make marks), and your skin is clean and moisturized before we begin.

I have a two-year old daughter. I joined a moms' group when she was 4 months old. From there I met my best girlfriends and we started a new moms' night out group for grown up fun once a month.

Recently I did two boudoir photography sessions with these great ladies! We are in no way, shape or form the type or the look of models that normally do this type of thing. All of us are moms and have the bodies to prove it! The best part was getting each one of them ready to put on that sexy face and feel confident enough to be photographed in a bedroom situation (classy, not vulgar)!

Watching a tired mom who was a full-time graduate student, mother of five, and military wife who has two jobs transform into the delicious full-figured beauty that she is was amazing! It sure would make her husband surprised when he gets his next care package from home!

I try to keep myself heavily booked through prom and wedding season, doing up to 4 brides every Saturday.

Don't worry though; I love my work, so my attendance is impeccable. If I have larger parties, my assistant joins in the fun, and if there is ever an emergency, I have another stylist as my backup (this has never happened in all my 17 years of working).

  • Do you maintain your implements and equipment with sanitation in mind?
  • Can you help design a look that is appropriate for my shape and face?
  • Do you have a good track record with being on time to events?
  • Do you require a contract or deposit?
  • How far in advance should I book and do you offer a dress rehearsal before the event?



I need my hair and make up done for a photo shoot, October 22


Angela was great! She was friendly and professional. She used her wonderful talent to enhance my natural beauty. Thank you so much!

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