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IT Support and Sales Consulting in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL

About BlueAir Consulting, LLC

We offer services that can help you in any and all stage of your business cycle; from startup materials such as business cards, brochures, logos and company website to marketing your services and products by creating online store checkouts.

We also act as an on-call IT support as well as assist individuals who want to set up their personal networks.

Remodeling cost guides

Interior Design Cost
Typical average cost to hire an interior designer in Jacksonville is around $50 - $200 (per hour, small project)

Feng Shui Design Cost
Typical average cost to implement feng shui design in Jacksonville is around $500 (one in-person consultation for an average home by a consultant)

Bathroom Design Cost
Typical cost to design a bathroom in Jacksonville is about $3,960 (to hire a bathroom designer to provide standard design services)

4320 Deerwood Lake Pkwy., 101
Jacksonville, FL 32216
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Payment options
Justin Kotek accepts cash, checks and credit cards
Cities served
Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville Beach


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