Brick & Stone & Concrete, LLC

Stone Works and Concrete Contractors in Plano, TX

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Brick & Stone & Concrete, LLC

Stone Works and Concrete Contractors in Plano, TX

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About Brick & Stone & Concrete, LLC

We are a professional company with thirteen years of paving and retaining wall experience. We specialize in flat concrete and vertical works.

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  • Brick, travertine, thin brick, and clay paver
  • Stone, tile, marble, and slate
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Pools
  • Decks
  • Masonry
  • Coping
  • Stone work

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Plano, TX 75024
   (972) 880-2645
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  • Concrete Certified
  • Erosion Control Certified
  • 12 years professional Mason
  • Interlock Concrete Paver Institute Certified
  • NCMA Segmental Retaining Wall Certified
  • Retaining walls and Brick pavers Pavestone Certified
  • Occupational Safety and Health Association Member

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5 stars to Fernando Magal and his team, they do outstanding Concrete and Brick paver work. I'm a Landscape Architect and I've been using Brick and Stone Pavers LLC for over 10 years now. Fernando Magal is a man of his word, he gets things done and he always answer his phone. I love the fact he's so young but so knowledgeable, helping me with Ideas and designs when I most need. The crew is very Talented and Honest, working long hours and they are normally Done before the stipulated date we set. I definitely recommend this business with 5 star's

Note to All: We can't please all the people in this world, specially when we're dealing with many weirdo's stereotypes.
Renato Mar
RM Landscape Contractor Metroplex DFW


Professional, great experience and very. Honest Brick and Stone Pavers guide us on start to finish of our project.
I highly recommend Fernando Magal and his team, they did a fabulous Retaining wall and a Brick paver in my house.
I'm a very happy costumer.
McKinney , TX


Fernando and his team did outstanding work in our backyard. My husband and I have been extremely pleased with the level of craftsmanship he and his team used in laying pavers around our pool. He does excellent work and is priced fairly. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for this type of work.

Angelia, Frisco, TX


My wife and I have had the pleasure of working with Brick & Stone Pavers LLC and cannot speak highly enough about their skill, attention to detail and constant effort to make our project better.

When we decided to build our engineer natural stone retaining wall 12' Feet x 50' Feet and our swimming pool on our property, we interviewed numerous builders, big and small. This was an important project to us, and due to the intense restrictions of our community, it was critical that the engineer specs and the city rules were followed right.

After meeting Fernando and speaking with some of his other clients, we decided to award the project to him, on top of finishing on time and within budget , Fernando was a constant guide throughout the project. When he saw something that he thought could be done better than was called for in the plans, he told us. When we agreed with him, which we invariably did, he just fixed it without fussing over the cost or time of the added work. He is a perfectionist, and just wanted it to be right.

The end result was fantastic. I am convinced that nobody would have done a better job, and I know that I would trust Brick & Stone pavers LLC & Fernando Magal with any future project.

John Oakley McKinney , Texas


My travertine brick paver pool deck and Retaining wall at Starwood Frisco , TX was done by Brick & Stone Pavers LLC. Incredible Concrete mason artisans. What I have noticed, was particularity with details, elevation and a precise stone cutting. I was amazed with the incredible job they performed. Guiding us through a right path and showing where to get everything we needed to pass the final inspection of the pool and the 8 Feet engineer pavestone retaining wall. I got to say: they went beyond my expectations, this company will be my number 1 mason for life.

I'm a very Happy costumer

Mike white : )

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