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Repointing - Slate - Historic Restoration in Lancaster, PA

Lancaster, PA

About Brookline Builders, Inc.

Brookline Builders, Inc. is a contractor specializing in historic restorations.

We offer historic restorations and repair, natural slate roofing and repair, masonry restoration, and new construction.

Whether you need assistance in preserving your ancestral home, or simply need some repairs done to your roofing, we can help you.


Brick repairs and repointing using only lime mortar. Slate Roof repairs and replacement. Rotted wood repairs on historic homes and buildings.

We only work on homes and buildings that were built before 1920 unless it is a solid brick or stone building that has a slate roof.

1630 Millersville Pike
Lancaster, PA 17603
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Jonathan Owens accepts cash

PA # 001840

Cities served
York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Coatesville, Lititz, Ephrata, Elizabethtown, Dover and Middletown

We started in 1988 when the owner was 19 years of age. He has a passion for historic restoration of older buildings. Within 4 months after starting the business he had saved enough money to purchase a pickup truck and promptly had the words HISTORIC RESTORATION put on the side.

Brookline spent six months working on the historic Stehli Silk Mill here in Lancaster, Pa. We replaced lots of rotted beams, rafters and joists as well as made all the brick repairs needed to replace the rotted wood. We used only lime putty mortar for all of the brick repairs. The Sheli Silk Mill is worth making a trip to see.

If you are hiring a mason to work on your old brick home or building ask if they will be using lime mortar. If they say yes, ask if it has any portland cement in it at all. If they say yes it has portland or masonry cement in it (no matter how little), grab them by the collar and show them the door!

Only use lime putty mortar on old brick, it is the mortar the building was built with.


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