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About C.R. Stewart Welding & Fab, LLC.

C.R.Stewart Welding & Fab, LLC has over twenty-five years of experience in mobile welding repairs on construction equipment.

We specialize in fabrication of wrought iron railings and gates, pipe railings, structural steel, pipe welding, and master pipe fitting. We also perform custom fabrication of truck racks and fuel tanks. We service Livingston, Cookeville, and Nashville area.


We specialize in custom fabrication of wrought iron railings for inside or outside of your home, for stairs and balconies, pipe railings for industrial and handicap ramps, driveway and off-road gates. We also specialize in repairs to excavating equip, bucket repairs, and rebuilds.


We work with mostly American steel, such as angles, flat bars, square and rectangular tubes. We use a top-quality MIG wire and top-quality welding rods. If painting, we use rustolium products, primers and finish paint.

162 Kennith Linder ln, Livingston TN
Livingston, TN 38570
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Certified pipe welder as well as licensed master pipe fitter ( #025649) and sprinkler installer. Member of American Welding Society. Skilled in SMAW as well as MIG.

Cities served
Cookeville and Livingston
Services offered

Worked for a company for ten years. When the owner passed and the doors were closed, I purchased some of their equipment and started my own company in 1981. Went to school in structural and pipe welding to get certified.

Condo project where we had to fabricate and install forty sets of stair railings and twenty sets of balcony railings.

Please know what size and and how many and where you would like the work performed and any thoughts you have on style.

Customers may not know that I have seven grandchildren and that I spent eight years in the USAF and am a Vietnamviet.

  • Do you do mobile repair service?
  • Do you charge for travel time?
  • Are you certified and insured?
  • Is your work guaranteed?

I would like customers to know that some types of fabrication are time consuming and cannot be rushed. The outcome reflects the proper time spent.

Depends on the size of the project. May be two to three medium-size projects as well as welding repairs of construction equipment. Or maybe one large and one medium as well as the repair work. Sometimes the projects are small in size, and therefore, we do maybe five to seven in a cal year.

I would recommend to customers that there are different grades of materials to use in fabrication. Inside use need not be as weather proof as outside materials and therefore cost less.

Railings, construction repair work.

Why do steel materials cost so much? How come it takes so long to transform raw steel into something like railings and gates?

Answers are:

Cost is governed by the suppliers and supply and demand. Fabricating is a precise art and cannot be rushed. The outcome of the project reflects the quality of work that goes into the fabrication process. The end result is that the customer is very happy with the services he or she has secured.

We provide a follow-up of all fabrication and installation services that we provide. Our customers can always call with any questions or concerns that they may have. Any fabrication we do and install, we will repair free of charge for thirty days. In case of material failure(normal usage), it will be replaced and you pay only labor charges.


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