California Garage Door Company

Garage Door Repair & Installation in El Dorado Hills, CA

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California Garage Door Company

Garage Door Repair & Installation in El Dorado Hills, CA

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About California Garage Door Company

Every day households choose California Garage Door Company for their garage door repairs and installations. We can repair or replace the following Garage Door Parts:

  • Garage Door Springs
  • Rollers
  • Cables
  • Hinges
  • Track Adjustment & Replacement
  • Door Weather Seals
  • Torsion Spring Conversions
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Emergency Repair Services

A broken garage door can be the result of years of wear on your door mechanisms or the sudden break of your door or door opener hardware. Whatever the cause, a malfunctioning garage door can seriously affect your schedule and your garage security.

Don't let an unexpected garage door problem keep you from accomplishing the things you need to do. Call California Garage Door Company technician today and we'll have your garage door operating again in no time.

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  • Garage Door & Gates
  • Automatic Opener
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Garage Door
  • Residential and Commercial Service


Liftmaster, Genie, Chamberlain, Sears, Blue Max, Stanley, Marantec, Lift Logic, Sky Link, Linear,

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El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
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We had an excellent experience with California Garage Door Company, right from the get-go! Our garage door broken over the weekend, Kimberly from customer service was real sweet and let us know that we'll not be charged for service call if we scheduled it the next business day. Steve Martinez met us the next morning on time and he was quick to diagnose the problem. We thought the wires were broken too, but he was very honest in filling us in on the actual issue and fixed it within 30 mins. The price was fair in our opinion. Steve also worked it to open the door before the work started, to help get one of our cars out. Man, and he even wheeled our garbage cans in, while he was here waiting up! Talk about customer service! So yes, we had an excellent experience working with these guys and would recommend them to all our friends in a heartbeat! Thanks California Garage Door Company!

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