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Carmen Orthodontics

614-864-5555 in Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH

About Carmen Orthodontics

As a patient of either Dr. Carmens', you can feel confident knowing that you have chosen an orthodontist who will put your needs above all else. With over 30 years combined experience, Dr. Carmens' is a local leader in orthodontics, and leading recipient of referrals from other doctors and dentists in the community. Our practice continually seeks to provide you with the best, most efficient treatment options possible, with fewer visits, shorter treatment times, and stunning results. Treatments provided by our practice include early orthodontic treatment, TMJ diagnosis and treatment, as well as specialized relief of head and neck pain. Our office is proud to have one of only two orthodontic labs in all of Central Ohio. This provides many conveniences to our patients including custom appliances made on site designed perfectly for Dr. Carmens' patients. Having retainers and appliances repaired or replaced in our office allows a much quicker turnaround time. Dr. Carmens' patients have their retainers placed on the same day the braces are removed.

5225 E Main St
Columbus, OH 43213
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