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Carpet Rx uses 21st century rotary extraction to deep clean your home or business carpets. We use a motorized power head that spins at 200+ rotations per minute, spraying a vacuuming constantly and cleans your carpet fibers hundreds of times per minute from all different directions.

Most carpet cleaners are still using the old fashioned stainless steel wand that requires the operator to manually scrub the carpet. It's prone to abandoning water, cleans in only one direction and is dependent on the operator to work it really hard to get half the results.

Don't go through the trouble of moving furniture, scheduling a day out of the house only to then hire a substandard blow and go wand cleaner. Insist on Carpet Rx and you'll be assured of a quality, on time and professional experience.


Residential and commercial carpet cleaning.

Remodeling cost guides

House Cleaning Service Cost
Average cost to hire a house cleaning service in Boise is around $70 - $110 (weekly cleaning - 2000 sq.ft home)

Wall Cleaning Service Cost
Average cost clean your walls in Boise is over $800 (interior wall cleaning, second cleaning and cleaning of 3 ceiling fans)

Gutter Cleaning Cost
Total cost to clean gutters in Boise is around $90-$120 (two-story home with a normal amount of debris)

Sewer Line Cleaning Cost
Typical cost to clean the sewer line in Boise is around $180 (standard professional cleaning)

Roof Cleaning Cost
Typical average cost to clean a roof in Boise is over $220 - $270 (low pressure wash with minor upgrades)

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Boise and Meridian
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What method of carpet cleaning do you use? Hot water extraction is what carpet manufacturers insist on to not to void your warranty.

Ask how long it will take to do the job. It should take about an hour per 400 square feet of carpet: less than that and you're not getting quality.

  • Follow up call to insure satisfaction
  • Return service if stains should reappear at no charge
  • Thorough cleanup after the carpet cleaning to minimize our impact on your home


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