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Tree, Fence & Landscape Services in Hartland, VT

Hartland, VT

About Chris Doolan

Hi, Iím Chris Doolan. I have been in business for 20 years, providing tree, landscape and forestry services.

My education is in Forestry with a degree from Paul Smith's College and an Environmental Science degree from Johnson State College.

My specialties:

  • Tree service
  • Take downs
  • Pruning
  • Planting
  • Landscaping
  • Fences (all types of agricultural and landscape fences)

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Remodeling cost guides

Metal Fence Installation Cost
Typical cost to install a metal fence in Hartland is about $1,980 (aluminum fencing with minor upgrades)

Wood Fence Installation Cost
Average cost to install a wood fence in Hartland is over $2,370-$4,500 (¼ acre 3’-4’ picket fence with a medium quality wood and a gate)

Vinyl Fence Installation Cost
Typical cost to install a vinyl fence in Hartland is over $3,950 - $5,930 (200 l.f. - ranch style fence)

Temporary Fence Rental Cost
Typical cost to rent temporary fencing in Hartland is about $190 (6’ x 60’ of chain link fencing and bases for 1 month)

Wire Fence Installation Cost
Average cost to install a wire fence in Hartland is around $680 -$870 (200 feet of barbed or coated wire and a gate professionally installed)

Hartland, VT 05048
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