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Homer, IL

About Chris' Water Gardens

Chris' Water Gardens designs, creates and maintains water features of all sizes, from a small water feature fountain, a pondless waterfall and a complete ecosystem pond, to a self-sustaining rainwater harvesting system!

We are local experts in water gardening that can help you create a little piece of paradise that is low-maintenance and beautiful all year round!

We can provide you with everything you need, including water treatments, aquatic plants and koi fish!


Professional Design and Installation of water gardens in all shapes and sizes - Small Water Fountains and Patio Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, Complete Eco-System Ponds and Rainwater Harvesting Systems.


Aquascape is our main brand and what we recommend. However, we can provide products for other brands as well.

Remodeling cost guides

Reslope for Landscaping Cost
Typical cost to reslope for landscaping in Homer is about $940 (reslope a 1,000 sq. ft. yard, plus soil, soil delivery, a land survey, and a 1-hour excavator rental)

Landscaping Cost
Typical average cost to landscape on a new construction in Homer is around $12,540 (1,200 sq.ft. - natural landscaping)

2717 Country Rd., 1250 N
Homer, IL 61849
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Payment options
Chris Sturdyvin accepts cash, checks and credit cards

Illinois Certified Aquascape Contractor

Cities served
Decatur, Champaign, Bloomington, Danville, Urbana, Normal, Charleston, Mattoon and Homer
Services offered

We provide all types of services, including regular pond maintenance (monthly or every other week). We also provide Spring Clean-outs, Fall Preparations, Winter Shut-Downs and even "Pond-Sitting" while you're out of town. We also provide all water treatments and accessories that you may need to keep your water garden clean, clear and healthy all year long. Finally we can provide you with aquatic plants and high-quality koi fish!

Are you a Certified Aquascape Contractor? Yes, we are! This means that we continually attend seminars and educational events to keep up to date with the newest technology for ponds and water features. We are trained to provide quality-built and easy-to-maintain water features.

We began as Chris' Lawn Service over 20 years ago. With several customers asking about pond maintenance we started to learn about the Aquascape system and created our first pond in 1999. Since then, that pond has been renovated at least 4 times and gets a new facelift every couple of years. We learned that with the Aquascape system and products you can have a clean, clear and beautiful water garden all year long! We try to share our passion with others and truly believe that water gardens are a little piece of paradise!


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