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About Classic Rock

I'm Kelly Graham and we are a turn key kitchen remodeler. We do everything from demo to the final polish.

You don't have to find specialists for each phase of the job because we have that covered. We offer budget kitchens as well as premium custom projects. If you have an idea we can make it happen.

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Our company specializes in

  • Tile and stone installations
  • Heated floors
  • Finish trim
  • Custom handrails and wood stairways
  • Sheetrock
  • Interior and exterior paint
  • Venetian plaster

We also offer a complete 3D design service so you can actually see the final product before the contract is signed.


The types of projects we've been doing are either production cabinets from China which are really fine quality, or full on custom, usually frameles European 32mm. The woods we use are naturally beautiful on their own. We've grown fond of Sapele, a species of Mahogany. It's plentiful and gorgeous as well as affordable. It's easy to mill and finish. We use Rodda, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paints.

We use 3CM granite slabs from Casa Bella here in Portland. They have an excellent selection of beautiful stone.

1550 SE 172nd Ave
Portland, OR 97233
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Payment options
Kelly Graham accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards
Hourly rate: From $45 to $95

We are affiliated with Portland Community College. I am an Occupational Skills Trainer for the college.

Cities served
Portland, Gresham, Lake Oswego and Clackamas

Do you accept credit cards? Yes we do, but there's a catch. We simply ask that you pay the 3 percent fee.

How much does granite cost? Labor is charged by the linear foot of finished edge. The cost of slabs varies by size and type.

Why is manufactured stone better? Because some salesman said so. Yep that's right. We're not fans for many reasons, mainly because it's just not very exciting. The patterns are boring and don't really add much.

My average year usually includes 3 or 4 large kitchens, 4 or 5 smaller kitchens and 5 or 6 bathrooms. Outside of that we do a lot of interior and exterior paint.

I warranty all of our work for five years. I promise that all of the work we do exceeds code requirements. Most people don't realize that meeting code only guarantees your safety, not the quality of the job. If there is any issue, all you have to do is contact us.

I started in 1982 working for a finish carpenter that was contracted to remodel my parents home. I eventually bought him out and took over the business. He took off to another state with half of my tools and I've been going strong ever since.

Many of the pictures you see here are from a project that was a second story addition that features two gorgeous bathrooms and a master bedroom. It all started with a water damage restoration that was completed back in 2006.

We remodeled both kitchens and half of the basement. The owner asked us to come back to do this spectacular addition. We have since become close friends and I've gained more weight than I care to talk about because she won't quit feeding me!

Take the time to research all of the possibilities. Know what you can afford and how you're going to pay for it. Even a rough sketch helps. Do some shopping for materials you like. My best projects are the ones the customers participate in but still allow me to make design decisions. Nothings better than a satisfied customer, nothings worse than an unhappy ending.

I'm a craftsman by day, musician the rest of the time. I've been playing guitar since I was fourteen. I'm now 54 and in a band that has been selected for one of the biggest music festivals in the world. We've been featured on KINK twice in the last year and now have my friend Robbie Laws playing lead guitar for the band (I'm the rhythm player). We now have Rob Shrock to produce and promote the band. So hopefully some day I'll get to be an overnight success in the music business.

How did all this happen? My band mates tell it all in one word "persistence". That's how I roll.

First, ask your friends. Most of them have used a contractor at some point and usually between them you can find a good one.

Do not trust the BBB. Their members pay them, you will not get an unbiased rating.



Kelly Graham of Classic Rock has done several projects for me. He came to my aid in 2004 when my kitchen flooded and water leaked into the basement. He worked with the insurance company and not only put my home back in a timely manner but his workmanship was fantastic. I hired him again in 2009 to do an extensive remodel on my master's bedroom and two bathrooms. The remodel is beautiful. The woodworking he did is admired by everyone who visits. The remodel has greatly increased the value of my home due to Kelly's insight and his craftmanship. I highly reccommend him for any job you need done.He is easy to work with and you won't be disappointed in the results.


Kelly has worked on 3 different projects for us. The most significant one is the remodeling of a small galley kitchen from top to bottom. He transformed it into a most extraordinary space.

The cabinets are made of leopard wood - a terrific idea on his part. He went to great time and effort to create them. They are incredible.

He also guided us toward unique appliances that other contractors were not familiar with. A number of other design elements he came up with turned out more attractive than we had imagined - for example , the triple crown moulding on the cabinets is stunning.

One of the other projects involved replacing some unusual doors. In another space, he installed a two-surface floor (tile and laminate) after leveling a concrete slab that had been mis-poured ages ago. He did so with an engineering savvy that the flooring specialists we had consulted with did not have. He also re-worked the formica counters so that they look like expensive stone.

I think the creativity with which he approaches the projects he works on really stands out and sets him apart from other contractors.

We made some changes to the designs along the way and he was patient and professional. Kelly is a generous spirit who truly wants to create beauty and please his customers.


Kelly did a fantastic job helping us rebuild and repair our kitchen cabinets. His craftsmanship was excellent and it was refreshing to deal with someone you can trust in the home repair industry. I would recommend Kelly for future projects!

- Michael

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