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We at Clayson Construction have over 6 years of experience in building decks, pole barns, garages and vinyl siding, soffit and fascia.

We are located in Arcade, NY and travel between 1-2 hours to get work. We take our work very serious and the owner is there on the job site 24/7 and works right alongside of his guys.

Contact us today at Clayson Construction. We are here to help the homeowner make their house look the best!


we at clayson construction have over 6 years of experience in building decks,pole barns, garages, vinyl siding, sofit and facia, drywall and wheel chair ramps and installing new steps. we take our work very seriously and are here to help the customer make there home look the best....


we at clayson construction work with all brands and products im open to trying new brands and products to see what is better and cheaper

65 West St.
Arcade, NY 14009
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Hiram Clayson accepts cash and checks
Cities served
Buffalo, Lockport, Tonawanda, North Tonawanda, Hamburg, Lancaster, Orchard Park, Depew, Batavia, Olean and and other cities within 75 miles of Arcade.

we do alot of different jobs so its hard to say what job that is most common to us at clayson construction. I would say that are most common job this year has been decks and garages and drywall and trim work.

The most frequent question we get from homeowners is are you insured and what kind of experience do you have in the building trade and how long will it take to do the job and do you have any references. The answers to the question are yes we are insured and yes we have experience and yes we have references.

make sure that you do your homework and take your time and look at every estimate and compare apples to apples and make sure you feel good about the company that you are going to hire. Go around and ask your community if they have heard about the company or had work done by them.

i worked for a gentleman for over 6 years. He teached me everything i know about building construction from pole barns to garages to decks and to as far as drywall. I woke up one day and said to my wife i want to start my own business and she said ok. Its alot of work to be a boss.

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We make sure that our work is complete and that the customer is happy and make sure the job site is clean and organized the way we found it the first day we started.

i know people are trying to say money but by getn it cheaper may mean your job may be terrible and you may have trouble with that cheap bid that you got so make sure you look over every little thing before you go with that cheap guy

we at clayson construction take our work very serious and take our time doing our work. we are here to make the customer happy when our work is done and make there home look brand new again. The owner of the clayson construction is on the job 24-7.

we at clayson construction are here to help the home owner and do the best job to make there house look new again. we at clayson construction use the best material that is avaible to us. we do a+ work. we have number one customer satisfaction. owner on the job 24/7 and works with his guys. we have some of the best labor rates and workers around.

well im a new contractor and at this time i have had alot of calls and have got half of my calls signed so its hard to say what my average is

we at clayson construction are very happy with our work every job that we do is different than the last job. The jobs are never the same and thats what i like about construction.


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