Cleaning Studio

Home + Office Cleaning Services in Astoria, NY

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Cleaning Studio

Home + Office Cleaning Services in Astoria, NY

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About Cleaning Studio

Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Services & Office Cleaning Services in Manhattan NYC - Trusted Professional Cleaners. 100% Guarantee - Insured. Book Online in 60 seconds | (347) 502-8828 Need a next-day cleaning service? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered 7 days a week with our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service Team. Cleaning doesn’t get easier than this! Experience the joy of a Clean Home by Cleaning Studio. Book your Home Cleaning Service in 60 seconds


Residential Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Home Organization.

Questions and Answers

  • How did you get started?
We believe that a clean and organized environment makes a significantly positive impact on people's lifestyle. We founded Cleaning Studio in 2015 to help more New Yorkers to achieve a work- home balance, by helping our customers with their cleaning and organization needs in an Eco-Friendly way, keeping our clients family's, our cleaners and our environment always safe.
  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
What type of service do you recommend me? Are you Eco-Friendly? Are your cleaners background checked? Do you have insurance? How are you different from other companies?
Astoria, NY 11105
   (347) 502-8828
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Cleaning Studio is proud to be a family-owned business, so we know the struggle to keep our home and our office always clean. We have researched and practiced our cleaning techniques in order to achieve an efficient Cleaning and Home Organization Routine.

We are constantly training ourselves with new methods in order to offer our clients the best products and services.

Claudia Zimmermann, our Co-founder, is an Architect specialized in Sustainability and has a LEED Green Associate Credential.

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I switched to Cleaning Studio service after my regular cleaners were not doing a great job. I try a cleaning service with cleaning studio they were very responsive and always work towards helping you get the best out of your service. They don't just clean, they wipe down surfaces dust everything and help with tidying and cut the clutter. They use organic supplies that they make, which is great because with babies around the home you can't be too careful. They are solid value for money and can't be beat! Denise has helped me through my pregnancy and does a great job always. I'm so glad we found Denise! Thank you for doing what you do!


Very professional and timely service. The cleaner was very thorough and did an excellent job

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