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Tractor for Hire in Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge, LA

About Clyde's Tractor Services

Clyde's Tractor Services specializes in the following expert services:

  • Bush hogging
  • Lot leveling
  • Front loader
  • Groom mowing
  • Posthole digging
  • Disk work
  • Box blade

If you need a tractor to do it, then I have it. My tractor for hire costs only $75 per hour with a 2-hour minimum. I work in East Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.


My tractor is small enough to get into most back yards, and yet big enough to do just about any-thing you can do with a tractor thanks to it's four wheel drive. Great for spreading dirt, and leveling, or post holes. Sixty-five inches is all I need.

Remodeling cost guides

Dumpster Rental Cost
Typical average cost to rent a dumpster in Baton Rouge is over $630 (a 20-yard dumpster rental of 1 week and 3 extra days, plus a street permit)

Temporary Fence Rental Cost
Typical cost to rent temporary fencing in Baton Rouge is over $290 (6’ x 60’ of chain link fencing and bases for 1 month)

Portable Toilets Rental Cost
Typical cost to rent portable toilets in Baton Rouge is about $310 (1-month rental of a standard portable toilet, plus maintenance 2x per week)

Baton Rouge, LA 70816
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Payment options
Clyde Rich accepts cash and checks
Cities served
Baton Rouge, Metairie, Lafayette, Houma, Kenner, New Iberia, Denham Springs, Mandeville, Thibodaux, Hammond and other cities within 100 miles of Baton Rouge.
Services offered

Customer's should ask many questions, find out what and how the job is going to be done, about the clean up after the job. What can't be done, and what can. After the job is to late to find out it's not done the way you expected it to be.

How to calculate Cubic Feet and Cubic Yards:

  • Length X Width X Thickness = Cubic Feet
  • 10' x 20' x 6" = 100 cubic feet
  • the 6 inches must be converted to feet>>
  • 6" divided by 12" = 0.5 feet
  • 27 cubic feet = 1 yard 1 foot = 0.037037037 yard
  • 100 divided by 27 = 3.7 cubic yards and rounded up = 4 yards

It would take 4 yards of top soil to cover a 10 X 20 area and raise it 6 inches high, or 4 yards of cement to fill the same area.

Grew up working with my Dad, driving tractors since I was old enough to reach the clutch. From bush-hogging to plowing.


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