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Music Production in Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA

About CTPAK Records

CTPAK Records is a recent start-up record label and collaborative group of artist searching to revitalize, re-interpret and re-inspire the direction of auditory art.

We intend to create a small community of artists linked through Euclidean space, cyberspace and all the metaphysical subjective space that idealistically exists somewhere within the higher plane of music.

We can produce, mix, engineer and master your audio project and live sound performance. $20/hr. for recording and album projects are open for negotiation (typically around $400).

We are young, serious, and enthusiastic audiophiles who love making others sound good. We can help you promote, press and market your material as well as design apparel, album art and posters (prices for these services are variable).

We can also aide with booking. Our venue, The Glitterbox will be opening in September in the U-D- (local acts wanted!)

Contact us for further details or to arrange a meeting for discussion. Sincere inquiries only please.


  • Audio production
  • Talent management
  • Screen printing
  • Music distribution

4757 35th Ave., NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Contact Richard Nelson
Payment options
Richard Nelson accepts cash, checks and Paypal
Hourly rate: From $20
Services offered

Which artists have you worked with before?

  • Mixing/mastering
  • Physical distribution
  • Booking
  • Marketing


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