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About D and R Carpet and Upholstery

D and R Carpet and Upholstery has a truck, mounted with top of the line chemicals. You will only pay for actual carpet cleaning, not overhead. We do 3 rooms for $85. Our services include couch love seat ottomans, chairs, and car upholstery.

We have been in business for 6 months, and have been cleaning carpets for 15 years. We boast of a string of many happy and satisfied customers.

We don't want to clean your carpet once, we want to be your cleaner for life!

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Remodeling cost guides

House Cleaning Service Cost
Typical average cost to hire a house cleaning service in Spokane is around $60 - $100 (weekly cleaning - 2000 sq.ft home)

Rug Cleaning Cost
Total cost to clean a rug in Spokane is about $130 (8'x10' rug, professional cleaning)

Wall Cleaning Service Cost
Total cost clean your walls in Spokane is around $750 (interior wall cleaning, second cleaning and cleaning of 3 ceiling fans)

Sewer Line Cleaning Cost
Typical average cost to clean the sewer line in Spokane is around $170 (standard professional cleaning)

Window Cleaning Cost
Typical cost to hire window cleaning services in Spokane is around $250 - $330 (20 windows panes - interior & exterior - 1500 sq.ft., one story house)

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