D Ryan Seregow Photography

Professional Photographer in New Almaden, CA

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D Ryan Seregow Photography

Professional Photographer in New Almaden, CA

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About D Ryan Seregow Photography

D Ryan Seregow is a professional photographer specializing in the following subjects: architecture, railroads, landscapes, long exposures, macros, outdoor portraits, events, and website photo design. Working with clients since 2006, including contest submissions with NPCI, NatGeo, and others, Ryan works well with others, creates visions, captures those rare moments, and presents life in a whole new view.

Whether you need a simple collection of photos, or a wide range of subjects captured, Ryan understands your needs and meets them accordingly.

Ryan also runs a side blog on Facebook with his "Pro Tips" section that allows beginners and professionals to learn new ways of capturing that shot effectively and with minimal effort. His world view with eye-capturing techniques is what sets him and his photography apart from all others.

Ryan offers secure online proofs, post-editing options, and high-quality photographs for both digital and print format. He guarantees you will be satisfied 100% with his works. If for some reason you are not, he will refund his services back 100% (excludes travel costs if outside the SF/Monterey Bay Area) and include a 15% off discount on your next service purchase.

Why settle for small-end photographers with little or no experience, or photos that mimicks other photographers when you can choose Ryan & his photography services! Still undecided? Contact him here. Or request to meet him in person before your event and he can show you samples with his camera right then and there!

Either way, Ryan is sure you'll be satisfied with however you decide to use his services!

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I specialize in the following: Architecture, Railroads, Landscapes, Nighttime, Macros, Outdoor Portraits, Website Photo Design, and Events. However, among those, I love working with architecture, railroads, and ladscapes!


I'm a Nikon fan all the way. I've tried Canon, but there's way more features in a Canon camera than I'll ever need (and it's too expensive!). Other equipment brands I own and work with are Tamron, Sigma, Manfrotto, Kata, Ilford, Giotto, and a few other small-brand products.

Questions and Answers

  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
I provide post-processing, digital watermarking, paper prints, canvas prints, framed prints. I can also provide a memory book for personal events such as graduations, weddings, or funerals.
  • What is important to know about your profession?
Thousands upon thousands of people around the world own or use cameras for personal or professional gain. There are many styles that photographers bring to the table, including some with very expensive equipment. Anyone can take a photo or capture a life event in that split second, but it takes only one to do it right.Each photographer has a special skill or life experience. What sets them apart from the others is how they execute that shot and capture that moment. It's what they do with that shot that defines them.
  • How can we save money hiring you?
Schedule a time to meet with me in person and share your thoughts and direction of your project. I will work alongside you and help create that magical moment for your next event, or grasp your vision with images that speak life. Money should never be the basis of any project. Even you are on a tight or small budget, I'll give you several options that will meet and exceed your expectations. Either way, I will do my best to capture that moment the way you want without question or pressure.
  • What we may not know about you?
I have worked with several high-end clients and some wide-known photographers since the start of my career. I also volunteer as a photographer for Bethel Church of San Jose's Christmas Spectacular, Easter Celebration, and the Bethel Remembers events held every year. I also volunteer as a photographer for the Royal Family Kids Camp organization.Other opportunities include a special tour of the entire Alcatraz Island (including off-limit areas) by invite only, as well as capturing historical military locations such as Battery Townsley, Almaden Air Force Station, and Moffett Air Base also by special invite access.Having and making personal contacts and life-long friendships with many people who specialize in specific industries grants myself access that many photographers don't have the privilege of seeing or visiting. It's people like these that have given me a new life vision and goal for achieving the best of the best in the world of photography.I also own Comm1 Systems & Comm1 Towers in the SF Bay Area, and work with many teams and strategic partners like NVIS Communications. Most of the photos on their websites are mine, and allows my works to be exposed and discovered across the web and around the world.
  • What kind of questions do customers ask you?
Not really sure. Many just expect me to be good at what I do, and then are surprised or blown away when I show them the results. It just comes natural to me, and I don't plan on changing my techniques any time soon. :-)
  • What types of jobs are the most common?
The most common jobs for myself are bicycle race events, concerts, outdoor planned and candid portraits, landscape panoramics, and historical locations. The most common for the general industry are concert events, weddings, funerals, graduations, real estate, and web design.
  • What do you recommend to know before hiring you?
It's important to have access to the location you want to capture ahead of time. It really helps with the process and respects both my time as well as yours if everything is setup prior to the project start time. It's also great if you know what you want or what you are looking for before calling or contacting me. I'll do my best to help you discover what you need, but I can't provide everything and then only get paid for minimal services. If you want a complete creation, I'll do just that, but you must be willing to commit to the project too.
  • How many projects do you average in a year?
It really depends on the industry demands for that year or a given month. Typically they range from a few per month or a few large projects per year. I never rush things and always take my time when planning out a project, so I can't really base my expertise and project outcomes on this question alone.
  • How did you get started?
It was actually my cousin that inspired me to get started in photography, along with the curiosity of capturing life events myself. Since then, I've mastered several techniques that I use daily and in projects that no other photographer can replicate.
  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
What equipment do you use? How long have you been in the business? Can you provide samples of your past works? Do you have any references from past or current clients? What are your rates, and are they hourly or by project?
  • What are you most proud of?
I've had the opportunity to travel around California for several days and weeks at a time, capturing desert landscapes for my upcoming book "Hidden Deserts of California". It's a book that shows life beyond the freeway or mapped roads that the public travels by every day. Locations like movie sets, abandoned military installments, mining camps, and old gas stations are just a small example of what's to come.
New Almaden, CA 95042
   (408) 658-6081
Contact D Ryan Seregow

I'm a member of the Nikon Photo Contest Intl (NPCI), National Geographic's MyShot, Flickr, Facebook's Photography group, and a few others. Although I haven't taken any classes or earned any certificates, I strongly feel that my works far exceed those who have spent years in a photography class or school. It actually does make a difference. True photographers are those who get dirty, push the limits, and explore the world. You can't get that in a classroom setting no matter how hard you try.

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