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We offer a wide range of concrete services from custom concrete counter tops, concrete staining, Resurfacing existing concrete.

We have a shop in Rochester, MN, where we have several display items and samples available to view by appointment.

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Decorative coatings, staining, resurfacing, stenciling & polishing concrete. We also fabricate custom concrete counter tops & things.


We only use products that I have personally researched, tried, tested and found satisfactory. I do my best to buy products that are manufactured locally, environmentally friendly and safe to use. We never use any harsh chemical solvent based products in a home or place of business.

Remodeling cost guides

Concrete Removal Cost
Total cost to remove concrete in Rochester is about $1,500-$2,500 (removal of a 2 car driveway, unreinforced concrete and no disposal fees)

Patch a Concrete Driveway Cost
Typical average cost to patch a concrete driveway in Rochester is about $3 - $5 (per square foot)

Concrete Floor Coating Cost
Typical average cost to apply concrete floor coating in Rochester is about $400 - $800 (thin coat epoxy, plus stain on a 200 sq.ft. garage floor)

Concrete Foundation Cost
Total cost to build a house foundation in Rochester is about $5,000 - $8,000 (1000 sq.ft. slab foundaton & footings)

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Services offered

Typically 40-60. Close attention to detail is very important on every single job I take on. I have attempted to scale up but quickly learned that it would be at the cost of quality.

Keep the concrete clean. if you are building a new house, insist that painters, tapers and other trades do not spill products on or soil the concrete as all of this will need to be removed prior to staining.

It helps a lot to have an idea of what you want. Pictures from pinterest or a google search is a good starting place. I have a vast collection of samples in my showroom that still hardly scratches the surface of what can be done.

It is not uncommon for customers to call us back for new installations in other areas after being exceedingly happy with the results. We offer maintenance if needed upon request, but the great thing about concrete is that is a very low maintenance product when properly processed.

I accidentally stumbled upon concrete counter tops and acid stained floors, it quickly became an interest, a hobby, a passion and then a career in that order.

As more and more people are learning how creative, unique and durable concrete can be as a finish flooring material. Among many advantages concrete floors have to offer the one that drives a great deal of customers to me is that getting water in your basement doesn't ruin it. People that have had sump pump failures and replaced the carpet numerous times find comfort knowing they will never have to do it again.

What kind of experience they have. Its a new and always changing industry, unlike traditional trades there aren't a ton of people around that have been doing it for years, been properly trained or have the technical knowledge to trouble shoot job site problems and remedy them quickly and efficiently. Especially when acid staining, it is unlike any other color process with countless variables that can ruin a floor.

Stained concrete floors for sure. The popular colors seem to shift over the years but it is the most common service we offer.

Probably a massive concrete conference table for a local cement truck manufacturer. It was a whopping 14' long by just under 7' wide.


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