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Miami, FL

About DebMarc Cleaning Solutions

DebMarc Cleaning Solutions cleans carpets and fabric sofas for commercial or residential areas with our machines.

We have been doing this for almost 2 years already at rates very affordable.

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We specialize in managing and trying to give our customers the best way to fix and clean their carpets with our chemicals and machine.

Remodeling cost guides

Air Duct Cleaning Cost
Total cost to clean air ducts in Miami is about $300-$500 (standard professional cleaning)

Wall Cleaning Service Cost
Total cost clean your walls in Miami is over $900 (interior wall cleaning, second cleaning and cleaning of 3 ceiling fans)

House Cleaning Service Cost
Typical average cost to hire a house cleaning service in Miami is over $75 - $125 (weekly cleaning - 2000 sq.ft home)

Roof Cleaning Cost
Average cost to clean a roof in Miami is about $250 - $300 (low pressure wash with minor upgrades)

Window Cleaning Cost
Total cost to hire window cleaning services in Miami is around $225 - $300 (clean 22 standard exterior windows and full screens)

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Miami, FL 33157
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Ariel Areu accepts cash and checks
Cities served
Miami, Hialeah, Miami Beach and Homestead
Services offered

Once the work is done he or she can see and in most cases smell the difference. I also guarantee the work we do.

i would ask specific questions about what could be done to fix the problem and how would it be fix so you can get ideas about that person.


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