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About DeLisio's Lawn Care

DeLisio's Lawn Care is a growing company that I started back in 2007 with a weed whacker, a blower, and a trimmer when I was only in sixth grade. Since then we have continued to grow each year gaining more and more customers.

At DeLisio's Lawn Care, my colleagues and I strive for customer satisfaction when working on a client's property and treat the yard as our own- with love and care.

DeLisio's Lawn Care provides the following services:

  • Mowing
  • Aeration
  • Mulching
  • Power Washing
  • Fall Clean up
  • Hedge Trimming
  • And more!!

We like to help other small businesses like us and buy all of our plants, mulch, and other products from local nurseries and businesses.

Our prices vary depending on the yard and charge both by job and hourly depending on the size of the job. We are also willing to travel far as long as we have or can get more clients in the area to help pay for the gas to get there and back.

We are hoping that in the next couple of years, we will be able to cover more ground as long as we continue to grow, hire in more employees, and buy more equipment.

Feel free to contact us, preferably via our mobile phone- so we can get back to immediately.

You can visit us on Facebook at:


DeLisio's Lawn Care is currently using John Deere, Amsoil, and Craftsman brands in our company. At DeLisio's Lawn Care we strive for American-made and enjoy helping small nurseries located in our area.

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Lawn Maintenance and Mowing Cost
Typical cost to maintain and mow the lawn in Independence is around $70-$100 (standard mow and maintenance)

Independence, KY 41051
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Payment options
Anthony DeLisio accepts cash and checks
Cities served
Florence, Ft Mitchell, Erlanger, Latonia and Independence

DeLisio's Lawn Care started with a weed whacker, a blower, and a mower in our neighborhood, when I was in sixth grade. The business was able to grow so much that I bought my first truck and trailer before my 15th birthday.

Some of our more common jobs seem to be things like mowing, aeration, and mulching. We have also began seeing an increased demand for our landscaping remodeling service where we mulch, hedge trim, clear out weeds, and more.

The project I'm most proud of would have to be the Stephenson's yard. We worked there for three weeks remodeling the gardens, power washing, mulching, and much more. The yard had not been taken care of for two years due to their health issues, but with a lot of hard work, we turned the property around making the property look the best it had looked in years.

Some of our more frequently asked questions would be:nnQ: How tall should we cut our grass? nnA: It should be cut at the highest setting especially in the summer when we get less rain.nnQ: when should we aerate our lawn?nnA: You should aerate in spring and fall if you want the best results.nnQ: When should I seed my lawn? nnA: The best time would be early spring or fall when we are getting a good amount of rain to get it going.

At DeLisio's Lawn Care we provide our customers with the quality prices to help save money. We have been known to be anywhere from $5-$30 depending on the job and sometimes even cheaper than others. nnTake these jobs for example: A property we currently cut grass for was going to be charged $45 per cut. We charged $40. Company's charged anywhere from $75-$120 to aerate for one of our clients before we started. We charged $50.



Anthony was very professional, responsive, and honest. I needed my lawn covered in new grass seed and straw, which he did well. He provided quality work that met and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this energetic young entrepreneur to anyone needing quality lawn care!


If you professional and timely services, Anthony Diselio provides the best. He provides assistance with improvements and is great with offering suggestions a great lawn!


Anthony is a very polite young man. His work is good and his price is right. You may find someone equal but not better. Try him one time and see for yourself!


Anthony Delisio is a wonderful and dedicated and thorough worker. I was immediately impressed with his work ethic and enthusiasm to do a good job. And that is exactly what Anthony has done with our landscape and yard care. Because of long term health problems I have been extremely limited in what I can do and sadly my yard and all the beautiful landscape got out of hand and weeds were setting up permanent residence.

God sent Anthony our way and we are blessed to have him help us with our lawn and landscape care. He has a keen eye, at such a young age, knowing just what to do in terms of trimming and pruning. I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone. He is trustworthy and reliable and punctual! Thank you!


I was very impressed with how thorough Anthony was in aerating my lawn. My neighbors saw what he was doing and how well how was doing it and asked him to keep on coming down the street to their yards. Three yards later, there were happy neighbors and a satisfied Anthony. Anthony has great attention to details. Before the drought hit this summer, my yard looked the best it had in years.

You will also find Anthony to be a mature and wonderfully pleasant young man. nice to see these days. I will be having him back as soon as my yard softens up a bit to redo the aeration. My neighbors have already said they want him back too.

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