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Philadelphia, PA

About Dependable Dog Walking

Dependable Dog Walking provides quality dog walking services that would save you the hassle of walking your dog when you're busy.

We treat your dog as if it were our own. We therefore provide utmost care and love to your pet, allowing it to be healthy and lively.

Contact us if you're looking for a dog walking service that you can depend on.


All areas are specialty, from customer service and satisfaction too being a animal lover and a proud owner of 3 smart and healthy dogs.


The only product we use is a dog leash, which most of the time is provided by the client. We never impose changing anything the dogs owner has going already.

Remodeling cost guides

Pet Proofing Cost
Typical cost to pet proof a house in Philadelphia is about $700 (pet gates, furniture protection and invisible fence)

2145 Franklin St.
Philadelphia, PA 19122
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Payment options
Carlos Quering accepts cash

Sorry. We have neither. This line of business doesn't require neither one. Just a passion for dog safety and a determined idea.

Cities served
Philadelphia, Camden, Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, Upper Darby, Havertown, Woodbury, Glenside, Drexel Hill, Lansdowne and other cities within 20 miles of Philadelphia.
Services offered

Our services are all about saving money. With business and work, sometimes dog owners need a helping hand and that helps save money.

Lots. I have a staff of four people and we are all at it all year around. We look forward to bringing our experience and ethics to you and your dog or dogs.

What time are you available?nWhat is your cost?nn1) We are available when you need us guaranteed.n2) Our prices are customized on s customer bas

Walking and knowing the area is common. All my staff is familiar with Tri State area so knowing the local area's help because we wanna know the parks and recreation for the walk while with dog.

My staff. I have great staff and we work together and all have great goals and achievements and look forward to continuing.

We decided to put what we love into practice and we did it intern for awhile and loved it. Now we are ready to expand and make a career out of what we love.

Our friendly personality's and our business ethics. Passion for dogs comes nature to us. It gives Dependable a drive.

Dog feeding, cleaning up and customer satisfaction. Transportation is provided by us, we come to you at nothing extra.

Time schedule. It makes everything so easy to know the dates and times you need Dependable. And if your not ready, lets sit down and make sense of time.

Professional References. Nowadays, you always wanna know basics about the person you deal with. This is a very important factor when dealing in business.


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