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Fayetteville, NC

About Diz..Z Designs

Diz..Z Designs offers quality graphic design work to its customers. Along with providing graphic design, we also offer 3D design, photography and video media.


Graphic Design

Remodeling cost guides

Interior Design Cost
Average cost to hire an interior designer in Fayetteville is around $40 - $160 (per hour, small project)

Feng Shui Design Cost
Total cost to implement feng shui design in Fayetteville is over $400 (one in-person consultation for an average home by a consultant)

Bathroom Design Cost
Average cost to design a bathroom in Fayetteville is over $3,200 (to hire a bathroom designer to provide standard design services)

Fayetteville, NC 28306
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Payment options
Daniel Richardson accepts cash and checks
Cities served
Fayetteville and Hope Mills

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