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Hi! My name is Nathan Charles. I have been in the business since 1997. I have all sorts of music, and I guarentee that if I don't already have what you like, I will get it. My business is family-based, the co-founder of my business is my wife, Esther.

We get occasional help from my brother Nick and/or my little cousin, Austin. My rate is reasonable.

So if you want to make your party a blast. Contact me now. call me any time to get information 210 6097828 dj nate


I specialize in music and I have every type of music you would like. I like to be given at least a month's notice to collect all the music you want. It's my way of ensuring you get what you want and what you have paid for.


I tend to mix brands for the simple effect of better sounds. Some of the best brands don't make the best sounds apparent. When you mix speaker brands, you actually get better thumps as some would say. In technical words. You get a better bass from one brand, a better surround from another and main stream from yet another. I wont name my brands but I will say, I will give you my BEST PREFORMANCE.

San Antonio, TX 78226
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Payment options
Nathan Charles accepts cash

I have 2 affiliations with County Clubs here in San Antonio. I have done work with the Fort Sam Houston Golf Club and The Dominion Country Club.

Cities served
San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Seguin, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Kerrville, Beeville, Leander and other cities within 150 miles of San Antonio.
Services offered

If the DJ you connect with offers packages, it's usually best to get a bigger package then to get the cheapest package and then order select options. It actually comes out to be 20 - 50% more at the end then the actual price of the bigger packages.

1. What type of music do you frequent in?

2. How loud do you play.

3. Do You use Contracts?

4. How long do you play for?

First off, I love music, I grew up listening to Hip Hop and Rap. I love 2 Pac, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Busta Rhymes, O.D.B., Run DMC, Sir Mix-a-lot, Wu Tang, all the good time old style Rappers, then my wife got me into Country like Tobey Kieth, Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson and Reba McEntire, just to name a few. And every once in a while, Tejano, Reggeaton, R&B and so on. My wife has a love for every genre of music and passed it on to me. Then one night, she said, instead of working for your friends, why don't we start our own business.

In my trade, the most common job is Weddings, Quinceaneras and house parties. At least 6 times a year, we get Welcome Home parties for graduates, Veterans, Armed Forces and so on. And about 4 times a year, we get asked to do Family Reunions.

There are some DJ's who will scam you if you don't know what you are exactly looking for. Getting a DJ is like getting a used car. You need to know what you want, what you need to know about the specific are you are getting. About warranties and such, other wise the Dealer will make you sign away your next 100 checks for something that should only cost a few $100. Meet in person, ask for refrences and pictures and videos will show how they work.

I provide music of all variety, smoke machine, lights and lasers, choice of one or two microphones, projection screen for slide show of pictures, videos, etc.

Our business is family owned and run. Any "workers" that arrive with us are actually family, which is usually my brother Nick or cousin Austin. Or our kids. We understand family values and content. If you ask for child safe music, we understand. And if we don't let OUR kids listen to it, we understand you don't want YOUR kids listening to it.

I love every job that I do. My wife is my best friend and Co-Founder of this company. Secondly, or should I say point 1.2 is that I love to see the smile on the faces of the people I entertain. When they come up to us and tell us how well we are doing. THE NUMBER ONE BEST THINGS I LOVE ABOUT ALL PROJECTS I DO, IS WHEN THEY PULL A COLLECTION MINUTES BEFORE THE GIG ENDS TO PAY FOR EXTRA HOURS.

Do the songs in the playlist tend to repeat?

If I should need to cancel, is there an appropriate time I should call?

I would have to look at my files. But I would say about 40 gigs a year, a good 60% of those are weddings. And for those 40 gigs, about 30% pull a collection together to pay for as many extra hours as they can.

Information to always have ready for your meeting with us. List of music you want played. (IE: Song name/title, artist). If it is for a wedding, Song name & artist for the special dances. Dedications : song name and person dedicated to. Timeline for the events. If there are sponsers you wish to have announcings for their services or contributions, names, titles and so on.


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