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The Children's DJ in Austell, GA

Austell, GA

About DJ RockaBell

  • Motivational speaking for kids
  • Dance party DJ for family events and children
  • Birthday parties and sweet 16's
  • Weddings
  • Children's Fashion Show's
  • Catering
  • Talent Development Classes
  • And much more
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DJ RockaBell specializes in working with the youth. She has her bachelor's in Child Sociology and has worked many years mentoring. She is a child advocate which means that she protects children's rights. One of those rights is mental abuse through music or the media. We may not know it but what a child listen's to or watches effects how there act in real life(for some cases). Therefore, DJ RockaBell gives the youth different options in life by exposing them to a clean, happy and loving environments by playing CLEAN music and by setting positive examples at all of her events.


I work with computer programs such as Serato and Virtual DJ. I work with DJ Controllers by the name of American DJ and Numark. I have both UHF and VHF wireless microphones. I also have American DJ strobe lights and fog machines.

3999 Austell Rd
Austell, GA 30106
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Payment options
DJ RockaBell accepts cash, Paypal and credit cards
Hourly rate: From $75 to $99

DJ RockaBell specializes in working with the youth. She has her bachelor's in Child Sociology and has worked many years mentoring. She is a self taught DJ as she has also been an expert with technology for many years. She teaches DJ classes during the summer to the youth as well. She is an IT service agent for over 4 lawfirm's without any school training which qualifies her as a self taught expert.

Cities served
Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, Smyrna, Rome, Peachtree City, Newnan, Tucker, Douglasville and other cities within 85 miles of Austell.
Services offered

Children Birthday parties are most common for me to get booked at. After that there's youth ablum release parties, sweet 16, and networking events.

I average about 150 gigs per year and that is just with DJ'ing. I host about 70 events per year and i also teach hip hop classes at over 28 daycare's in the metro atlanta area.

A client needs to have the date, time and location of their event ready when looking to book a DJ. They also need to have details about what the event is for or who it is for. Theme colors, lights/fog machine or if they need mics.

1) What is your hourly rate? $99 an hour

Follow up email or phone calls to check in with the parent and child. Making sure they enjoyed themselves.

I am very passionate about what I do. It's not just a job it's a lifestyle so when I say I love the kids, I honestly do and treat them all like they were my own.

1) What is your hourly rate? $99 an hour

Ask my booking agent for discounts. Based off of location or cause of the event, we do give discounts through our sponsors.

I am most proud of and event that I through myself. It was a Christmas charity event with a whole bunch of celebrity youth performers. We had food, performances, gifts and more. I literally cried that night because of the turnout. Kids left happy and I left with a warm heart.

That it is not an easy job but because of my love for the kids, I have a easy time doing it. I have a PA system which is heavy and a whole lot of equipment so please be mindful of the time you book me for an event.

I got started with a boombox, a garage and a neighborhood full of kids that loves to dance on the weekends. Since I was the neighborhood babysitter, it became only natural for the kids to flock to my house ever Saturday.



Where was she when my kids were growing up. I saw DJ Rockabell at a elementary school event and she rocked the crowd. my kids have all gone to college but I'd definitely hire her for my grand kids parties.


DJ RockaBell was more than I expected. The music was great and the kids loved her. She performed "No cursing zone" and another really nice clean song. Even me and hubbie got jiggie. Thanks DJ see you next year!


My kids love her. So that's all the matters. I'd hire her again.


DJ Rockabell has an awesome demeanor when it comes to dealing with kids. I've been using DJ's for years but if I had found out about her sooner, I would have always hired her. the best part is that she actually has clean music that the kids love. Best kids DJ!


She was awesome. She knew how to interact with the teens. She had all the right music that they like without all the filth. I will definitely be referring her to others. The DJ was awesome. She connected and interacted with the kids like it was 2nd nature to her. Her music was great and upbeat just what we were looking for. Thanks and we will definitely refer her out to my friends.

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