DrawnWorks Graphics

Multiple Design & Graphics in Baton Rouge, LA

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DrawnWorks Graphics

Multiple Design & Graphics in Baton Rouge, LA

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About DrawnWorks Graphics

DrawnWorks Graphics offers multiple design and graphics related services. I have been drawing and working with art, graphics, and design for over 10 years before college, throughout school and before then. Since 2011, I have started taking jobs that come my way.

My services include vectorization, illustration, and comic drawings. I also design business cards, logos, flyers, and other designs meant for marketing and helping businesses stand out. I also do image editing such as fixing problems with pictures.

I reside in Baton Rouge, LA, offering services locally from those that need it, but I am able to provide services from anywhere in the U.S. through the internet and email. A big client of mine was located in New York.

I can offer designs and work that is not offered by many, which include illustrating, drawing a comic book, drawn style, or even an anime style, but I can do a standard style as well. I believe I have a good sense on what sells, especially to youthful consumers, being young myself and also having a many young friends and contacts.

Anyone I work with should know that I put my client's needs first, and I make great effort to give great customer service by listening to my clients' needs and to the best of my ability helping them with whatever request they need done. I believe great communication and a good working relationship helps both my client and myself while working through projects and requests.

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I specialize in image editing/polishing, Illustration, drawings, title pages, and concept art. I work with Photoshop to make images look improved, resize them, crop them, and whatever else may be needed.

I am able to convert images to vector format so graphics can be used for multiple things including sizes from business cards to banners and without losing quality. I also have worked on many small comics giving me a foundation for creating comics that flow well.

Questions and Answers

  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
If a customer is looking for illustrative art, they should ask what styles the professional can do. Customers may want a standard advertisement or an ad that is less standard, such as ads with cartoon styles or similar. My services include both as I know that different companies have different customer bases as well as different needs.
  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
I provide follow up for customers. If a customer needs additional done, depending on what needs to be done I may be able to do this as a courtesy to the customer. I provide continued contact through phone or email if there are any questions or comments for the completed job or future jobs.
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
   (225) 266-7397
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