Dynamic Garage Door

Automatic Gate and Exterior Shutter Design in Anaheim, CA

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Dynamic Garage Door

Automatic Gate and Exterior Shutter Design in Anaheim, CA

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About Dynamic Garage Door

Dynamic Garage Door of Southern California is a Custom Garage Door, Automatic Gate and Exterior Shutter design and manufacturing firm. We specialize in the art of handcrafting high-end custom garage doors, automatic driveway gates and exterior decorative shutters custom-tailored and installed in the Southern California / Los Angeles region.

Our Products:

Our in-house designers develop garage doors, gates and shutters that are a unique result of our expertise in historical architectural knowledge and modern automation that make operating our custom garage doors and automatic gates a pleasure. Each customized garage door, automatic gate or exterior shutter we design is carefully handcrafted by our skilled team of seasoned woodworking craftsmen who have years of experience in the art of handcrafting our custom garage doors, gates and shutters.

The natural wood materials we use are hand selected for ideal grain structure, coloration and suitability for the project at hand. Our custom garage doors and gates can be built out of practically any wood species available in the market including reclaimed and exotic woods. Master staining, faux-finishes and paint grade finishes are available as well as distressed or antiqued finishes to simulate antiquity or to replicate exposure to the natural elements.

Add a touch of the old world with our own hand-forged decorative iron hardware gracefully composed of clavos, rosettes, hinges, speakeasy grills and many other elements found in traditional and historical architecture throughout the world.

As our name says it, we are Dynamic ? in manufacturing our designs ? including Mid Century and Contemporary architectural styles by implementing modern wood finishes and materials. California offers an outstanding variety of architectonic home designs and as such the need for innovative, complementing architectural garage doors and gates. Using materials such as stainless steel, chrome, glass and fine lined designs.

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Anaheim, CA 92801
   (855) 343-3667
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