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Dynasty Remodeling LLC services all of Wood County OH and Now Serving Lucas County OH, and many more! We specialize in Roofing, Siding, Seamless Gutters, Kitchen Remodels, Bathroom Remodels, Drywall Hanging & Finishing, and much much more!We pride ourselves on being the most personable, fair and friendly remodeling business around.

Dynasty Remodeling LLC "The Family Business" was started in 2004. Over the past 11 years we've made hundreds and hundreds of homeowners happy! Home Renovations & Home Improvements, from your Exterior's Roofing and Siding to your Interior's Kitchen and Bathroom. Dynasty Remodeling LLC is the only Home Remodeling Company you'll have to call.


We specialize in Roofing, Siding, Seamless Gutters, Kitchen Remodels, Bathroom Remodels, Drywall Hanging & Finishing, and much much more!

13280 Bishop Rd.
Bowling Green, OH 43402
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Dynasty Remodeling LLC offers a full line of warranties. These warranties vary by job or project.

  • Roof Replacement Warranties are 5 YR. * Transferable
  • Lay-Over Roofs are 2 YR. * Transferable
  • Siding Replacement Warranties are 5 YR. * Transferable
  • And the list goes on and on...


Since then I've been in the construction and remodeling industry over 15 years. It was a must for me to make my own way. And to deliver on a few very basic ideas. One being, The customer comes first. Second an enjoyable and family oriented crew/team. And lastly providing the very best options and ideas for our homeowners.

So hence the name. I feel it's important to do the best you can for your family, and who knows maybe one day I'll pass the "dynasty" on to my children."

Ryan A. Wilcox



A couple of years ago we added an addition to our home. It was a rather large addition of about 28'x20'. They did the roof, siding, framing, flooring, you name it! I know good craftsmanship and these guys did awesome. Every aspect of it was quality and done intricately focusing on the quality rather then just the speed. What I really enjoyed about Dynasty is the whole team was extremely friendly, helpful, and willing to do whatever we wanted and even change things around. Nice being able to openly talk to them without feeling like a nuisance. Very satisfied with these guys. Work came out top notch.


When we first contacted this company, we were very impressed with the director of operation who came to our home. He was polished, professional and had great ideas. We hired the company for a complete remodel of our bathroom. After they had our money, everything changed. Phone calls and text messages went unanswered, and when I was finally called back after demanding answers, I was told not to call anymore because they didn't have time to call me back "every time I had some little problem." They made numerous verbal promises which were broken again and again. They did not begin work until 6 weeks after the contract was signed, and the "3 week" project was no where near completion after 9 weeks of sporadic, unprofessional, unpredictable work.

They were paid a significant amount of money and we lost a substantial portion of it for the sake of severing ties with the arrogant, inappropriate behavior of the director of operations and their crude, unskilled employees.

I would never recommend them for anything other than prison time. This entire experience has been a complete nightmare.


Dynasty Remodeling did such a good job for us we just wanted to tell everyone about them. They came out to replace our roof & siding. They also added new shutters and gutters to our home. I almost drive past the house forgetting where we live some days. Funny but true. Thanks guys our house is a home again.

Jen & Will W.
Sylvania, OH


Started a project and got in a little over my head. One call to Dynasty Remodeling LLC, Ryan assured me that they could help me out. Two days later, we had agreed on a price and their guys were at our home "saving the day" and what could've been my marriage. The guys were very prompt and courteous. The office staff, including the owner contacted us multiple times during the project and ensured we were happy with the progress. It is nice to see a business that still wants to make sure their customer is happy. We are satisfied and would recommend them to any of our family and friends. Thank you Dynasty Remodeling!

Mike & Janet S.

Toledo, OH 43615


"I would definitely recommend this company if you live in Perrysburg, Ohio area and need your roof replaced or repaired. They are very fast and friendly!

John G.

Perrysburg, OH 43551


THIS IS REALLY WHAT HAPPENED. July 28, 2014 by Anthony Colarusso

Homeowner - Desired Settlement I have agreed to pay the remaining $425 upon it raining and gutters functioning properly. A check for the full amount will be mailed to Dynasty Remodeling. I would be willing to resolve these complaints and remove my comments on the BBB and other review sites if $325 is refunded to me. Based on my conversation with ***** at the time of signing the contract - only a fraction of the $425 should have been incurred. To me, $100 seems reasonable, I am open to negotiation.

Business Response Co response per phone call: The contract was completed as written and the work is properly finished. The co recommended that consumer replace drip edge on roofline but consumer declined that. The company stated that the consumer told them that he would send the final payment of $425 but instead decided to blackmail the company by posting incorrect information on several websites trying to get out of paying the bill. The consumer is now requesting that he only pay $100 to settle the $425 bill. The company will not consider this and payment of $425 is due in full.


I had Dynasty paint 3 bedrooms in my house. I received 3 quotes prior to going with them and they were the most competitive. Not only were they affordable but they really took time doing professional prep work and overall a great paint job. They showed up when they said they would and were always professionals. They made it a pleasant easy experience and I'd definitely use them again.


My sister Laura asked me to write this Review because she's not much for writing, but she WAS very happy with Dynasty Remodeling. So here goes.
They (She and her husband John) needed a kitchen remodel because theirs was really outdated. One of the neighbors was having some work done in their bathroom and they saw Dynasty's truck in the driveway, so they took down the number. A couple of days later they went back and asked how they liked the results and their neighbor was very happy, so they made a call for an estimate.
I arrived for a visit when the job was almost done and stayed until they finished. In my opinion it came out fantastic! The new cabinets that they chose look great and Dynasty also put down a new floor and replaced the window over the sink with one that is a bit bigger and opens easily for cleaning. All of it looks great.
The 2 men that were there doing all the work order very pleasant and seemed like they really knew what they were doing. They also kept a very clean workspace which was important because Laura, John and the kids still had to live there while the work was being done.
When everything was finished I asked Laura to show me the bill for the work and, to be perfectly honest, I was very surprised how (relatively) inexpensive the total cost was. I was expecting a price of 25 to 30% higher, and she said that they actually were a couple of hundred dollars less than what they had estimated, which really impressed me.
What was even more impressive was that, a couple of days after they finished, Laura noticed that a drawer on one of the cabinets wasn't working correctly. She called Dynasty and they sent someone out the next day to fix it.
From what I saw they were very professional, the results were extremely well done and they even came in under budget. I've read all of the other reviews they have here and honestly don't know why some of them are so negative. It's a good thing my sister didn't see them because she might not have called!


I was happy with my experience with Dynasty Remodeling LLC. The basement remodel went fine. The drywall and all the can lights placements looked good. I did get rescheduled twice for the start date, which I did mind but I understood that they were busy finishing up other projects. But I think they should hire more employees if they have that much work. Other than that the job was done to the quality that I expected, and timeframe was just ok. Hence the 4 star rating. Thanks Robert


I was a little concerned after seeing some reviews about Dynasty Remodeling LLC on Yelp, and the web. Some we're good but some had me worried. I met with the owner and felt a lot better about hiring them to remodel our bathroom. The remodel was done on schedule and really well. I would hire Dynasty again.

Greg C.


Dynasty Remodeling LLC worked with my insurance company the adjuster really to make sure we had the money we needed to get everything back the way it was before the waterlines broke. We had both the hot and cold water lines bust this winter. Dynasty Remodeling LLC came out the next day and got everything dried out, they pulled the carpet and padding out. They also cut the ceiling and wall portions out and insulation that were wet so they could be dried properly. They also were able to fix the water lines that had broken in the laundry room. Really was easy to work with them, don't have any complaints. They did what needed to be done with the insurance company and the repairs. So in my book that's what matters, having never filed an insurance claim, and not knowing what to do. I think Dynasty Remodeling LLC took care of it, and we liked that.
Bill & Kate Bowling Green, OH


Had work done by them. They painted two bedrooms we needed painted walls and ceilings. I wish I would have waited because they had a painting special for about $100 less than what we paid. The work was better than my husbands, so I can't complain. I would hire them again.


Small dry wall repairs done by Dynasty Remodeling. They matched a texture on our ceiling pretty well also from the previous owners of the house. Price was a lot better than others in Perrysburg so we went with them. I'm happy with the work. It looks fine now, can't even notice it after we painted.


I was a little concerned after seeing some reviews about Dynasty Remodeling LLC. Most we're good but some had me worried. I met with the owner and felt a lot better about hiring them to remodel our bathroom. The remodel was done on schedule and really well. I would hire Dynasty again.


From day 1 my wife and I were comfortable working with the owner Ryan. He worked with and gave a us a fair and reasonable estimate. He, Jason and the other workers did a great job and paid attention to every detail to be sure the job was done right and in a timely manner. Ryan even assisted with some other jobs that were added on a different contract. We have discussed having them perform more work for us in the Spring by replacing all of our windows. They are good for carpentry, dry wall, painting, plumbing, carpeting, roofing, gutters and snow removal. We personally used the services above however they offer many others as well. I would use them again and would recommend them to everyone. Thanks for a great job Ryan and Jason.


I would not recommend working with Dynasty Remodeling. Ryan (The Owner) and his team came over and gave me an estimate for new gutters and several other projects around my house. Dynasty asks for 50% up front which is fairly standard - no problems there. They called me over the period of three weeks promising to start, yet they did not show up or call to let me know they could not make it. Finally, I talked with Ryan and asked him give me a date when I can actually expect them to start the job. Dynasty basically brokered the job out to another seamless gutter company. I had asked them up front to replace broken and rotted fascia on my house and to include this in the original quote. Their quote was $1500 *with fascia (the boards behind gutters) and aluminum wrap TBD. I asked for further clarification on the TBD. Two additional charges were written in, $200 for fascia and $225 for aluminum wrap. I was told this would be the maximum amount charged if they replaced 100% of the fascia on the house. I was also told I would probably not be charged anything over $1500, this would only be if there was major damage. In the end they charged me the full $425 extra even though they only replaced 15% of the fascia on the house. They often said the contract does not specifically state. I tried my best to be fair and pleasant. My wife went out and bought the guys Gatorades on two occasions. Yet, they gave me the hardest time about doing the job correctly and even wanted to charge me an extra $100 to paint a 35 foot piece of fascia. Can you image a house with wooden unpainted boards hung behind the gutters? Ryan even asked me to get up on a ladder and paint it myself if I thought it should be white. They ended up only painting the bottom of the fascia because they stalled so long on the painting that the gutters were already hung. They left over 20 framing nails in my grass. They offered to roll my yard with a magnet which they never did. They also left the old gutter hangers.

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