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Philadelphia, PA

About E&A Enterprises Group

Edward Hutt

Edward Hutt, President of E&A Enterprises Group has broke through the engineering, architecture, home improvement and design industry and has taken it by storm with many Engineer's, Architects and other professional builders under his guidance has created his own niche or should we say industry type by completing many projects for Philadelphia and the Mainline, growing up in Bryn Mawr, PA as a adolescent, he has shaped his Enterprises with elegance, that you will only find operating among the super elite, making his company a one of one because unique it is, but copy you can not.


I Specialize in Consulting all my own projects architects and engineers work with me every step of the way to make sure you my client or clients projects are getting done. Making sure i keep you up to date and letting me worry about the headache I also pay my Architects and Engineers so that you don't have to worry about crooks taking your hard earned money whether your the big business developer or the A list celeb to the every day female or male that ,work's a 9 to 5 and wants great service, this is my middle name.


I usually like my subcontractors if we are doing a build to use the best and most luxurious products and materials that can be used, but sometimes its all depends on the clients budget. Usually most of my clients go for the Luxury products for more quality and my client types usually also think's about the longevity of the materials or product that they want used.

Remodeling cost guides

Architect Cost
Average cost to hire an architect in Philadelphia is over 10% - 17% (of total building budget)

5234 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA 19139
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Payment options
Edward Hutt accepts cash, checks and credit cards

Certified Renovator, I am very educated in lead safety and how to properly dispose of the lead content at hand

Licensed Contractor with the state of Pennsylvania and Registered with the Attorney General's Office.

Cities served
New York, Philadelphia, Bronx, Baltimore, Somerset, Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Allentown and other cities within 150 miles of Philadelphia.

1.) What kind of background does the professional have.

3.) Does you professional have a Bio.

Q. How much are your building plans for the average row?

  • A. $ 9,000.00 and up.
  • Q. How much for a residential property Inspection?
  • A. $1,000.00 and up.
  • Q. How much for a commercial property Inspection?
  • A. $2,500.00 and up.

I can handle various projects a year all depending on how big my projects are, most of the time I win most of my projects because of how I take in account what projects I feel are a good fit for me.

Well I got started by a long time consulting and industry pro teaching me the ropes on how this world within our industry works and he gave me the keys I needed to take my enterprises to a whole new level a level he had not seen. My mentor has congratulated me and praised me many times, but I stay humble in every sense.

Customers trying to save money usually only gets one thing either a guy running off with your hard earned money or a guy that shows you that going the cheap route only makes things worst, but what you can do is educate yourself to when a project is about to come about, learn as much as you can about that project that you are about to start. Call different professionals and ask general questions sometimes you will be surprised that your question was answered.

First you should ask me when my availability is, also if you would like to start your project right away, let us know and say "I would like my project started right away or tomorrow. It all depends upon what you want as the client. If you would like to see some of my big projects let me know. Can we meet to talk more about your project and see if we have chemistry so that I can Handle your project, and the answer is yes. give us a call we can "Make Plans Come To Life"

My first year I started my company I literally did not sleep. I mean I probably got about 2 hours of sleep a day and sometimes I didn't sleep, which when things we much easy for me to handle I changed those habits because error is always high, but I got through it all.

How many Long day's it takes to make sure that a clients project is going well, sometimes us professionals come across humps, but this is why you pay us to figure it out so that you as the client does not. I always figure out how to come out of a project victorious and on time.

After we have received the final approval for your plans, we can also take over Planning and Budgeting a project to picking out the contractors for the job There is no limit to this service industry if you want it just let us know.

The job I am most proud of is the ones where I can help my community, a woman that did not have much in her bank account called me and took a swing at me assisting her with her project. She had Received a violation from the city of Philadelphia which is L&I these guys are a pain sometimes but they keep our city safe, but anyway her wall was collapsing and needed attention quickly. I gave her a great price and tried not to break her pockets at the same time. really in the end I did not make a single cent on the project but my subcontractors that did the job made out pretty good, but the point is I see my self as a super hero keeping our citizens safe from deadly or what us professionals call imminently dangerous properties.

Floor plans and building plans for the everyday investor, also commercial property owners wanting building plans for their renovation project or inspections of Residential of Commercial property. These are my everyday's.


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