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About EagleTech Computer Service

EagleTech Computer Service is a residential ($30/hr) and small business ($40/hr) onsite computer repair service for desktop and laptop PCs, serving the Portland Metro and outlying areas as well as Southwest Washington. I have more than 25 years of experience.

I don't favor a flat fee approach of $80 or $90 because I don't think it serves my client's best interests. Most often I've completed my repairs inside 1.5hrs - $30-$45.

I offer:

  • Hardware Repair
  • Virus Removal
  • Network and Printer Setup
  • Program Configuration
  • System Speed Improvement
  • Computer Training
  • Email Setup
  • Remote PC to PC service

And whatever your computer needs may be! I'm always happy to serve!

Here's is a short Introductory Video to my services:



  • Honest Customer Service,
  • Removing viruses,
  • Speeding up client's computers,
  • Problem solving program errors,
  • Setting up wireless networks,
  • Installing printers,

Helping my client's better understand how to work with their computers.


  • I'm a PC repair technician...any make or model.
  • PCs:HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Gateway.
  • For PCs I strongly recommend Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus.
  • For Hard Drives I recommend Western Digital

For Memory Chips I recommend Kingston, Crucial, Super Talent

Remodeling cost guides

Hardwired Computer Network Cost
Total cost to install a hardwired computer network in Eagle Creek is about $1,010-$1,460 (4 room cat 6 networking installation without pre-wiring)

Lawn Maintenance and Mowing Cost
Typical average cost to maintain and mow the lawn in Eagle Creek is about $70-$100 (standard mow and maintenance)

Wireless Computer Network Cost
Typical average cost to install a wireless computer network in Eagle Creek is around $290 - $340 (standard modem - 200 ft. cable - installation)

Eagle Creek, OR 97022
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Payment options
Tom Sparks accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards
Cities served
Portland, Vancouver, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham, Oregon City, Lake Oswego, Woodburn, West Linn, Battle Ground and other cities within 65 miles of Eagle Creek.

How did I get this virus?

Why do people put viruses on our computers?

How did you learn everything you know???

I work with approximately 3000 clients each year, in both the residential and small business environment.

Having worked with computers over 25 years I've been around the block many times and over the years have learned a great deal about caring for clients and their computers. It's not enough to just know computers, it is important to treat folks right. By the time I've completed a task for a new client we've become friends, and they have enjoyed the repair experience.

That integrity is as important to me as my knowledge and experience. I will treat my clients with the highest degree of honesty and integrity, as if they were my closest friends or family members. I'm continually studying my trade and learning new insights.

Too many Technicians make their clients feel stupid and fail to respect them. The whole field of computing is an ever changing field and unless a person is a technician they can't possibly have the scope of knowledge to solve all their computing issues. I understand this and do everything I can to assure my clients their lack of knowledge is normal.

  • Virus removal,
  • Network setup,
  • Printer installs,
  • Program configuration,
  • Speeding up computing systems,

Just recently I helped Eagle Trailer Mfg., a local Portland business, upgrade their three office computers to three new computers. I setup and installed each computer, their network, all their printers and their business software. The project went smoothly and all is working well.

They are a great company to work with and the project went very well.

In the evenings and on weekends I'm happy to remotely connect to my clients' computers for remote service using the free AMMYY remote connecting software.

I'm also happy to answer questions over the phone. If I've made changes to your system and you need explanations please call me...you are not a bother.

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you insured?
  • Do you have a website with references?
  • Are there any of your business clients I can call who would verify your skill and integrity?

In 1982, while teaching at one of Portland's local colleges, one of my students urged me to begin using a computer for the preparation of my class notes. He helped me get my start in computers and immediately I developed a strong interest in the computer.

From there, over the years, I have continually studied and developed my understanding and skills. My business is also my hobby - a great combination!

  • Your address,
  • Your phone number,
  • The Make and Model of your computer,
  • A list of the issues you are facing with your computer,
  • How old your computer is,
  • Original system and program software, however I have most of what we'll need if you can't find yours.

Use my services! Honestly, my fee of $30/hr for the residential client, and $40/hr for the small business client.

I also offer a nice deposit service. For clients who want to be able to make that quick "Help!" call, that lasts around 5 to 15 minutes, I suggest my clients go to my website and use the "Pay for Services Here" tab and deposit an hour's worth of time - $30, then the client can feel free to call without worrying whether they are bothering me or taking unfair advantage of my time. Many of my clients love this service.


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