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Elite Tradesmen Construction

Home Remodeling in Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

About Elite Tradesmen Construction

We major in Home Remodels, Landscape Design, or Architecture Design we can your Residential, Commercial Projects with the comfort f knowing that the job is dine right e first time. Our team of experts are trained to make your upgrades bring your property value to A+.

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We employ the best of Handyman, Remodel Personnel, and also General Contractors, we can service or upgrade any home or business complications.

Dallas, TX 75232
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Payment options
Frank Curlin accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards
Cities served
Dallas, Irving, Grand Prairie, Desoto, Cedar Hill, Red Oak and Lancaster

Based in the Dallas Forth Worth, we provide our service to Premier Fortune 500 Corporations, that region has blessed our company and all those jobs are incredible to service. But I have to say the North Park Mall,contract with the Summit Corporation was one of a kind it took skill in hands not in machinery. Elite in your hands and eyes drives skilled minds into.success, seeing and . feeling the comfort. We are provide all the skills in and tradesmen to get it done right with warranty guaranteed.

We started from a Handyman structure into a contracted company that still provides diligent work with again superior customer satisfaction. Those contracts gives us flexibility in our rates rather than a direct company. We work directly with small business owners in your area to ensure diligent upgrades for our clients. Your budget and savings must grow when you rely on the Elite.

A customer should ask the professional source can you work with my budget and with the innovated upgrade that the prospective client dreams.

Daily, Monthly,and Yearly projects are around the clock we have, Qualified Pro Specialist that work with our Corporation to make Employment Opportunities in a diverse society that we all have to budget.

We provide warranty, updates, and superior customer satisfaction. We service all needs that your home or corporation desires to be built at the lowest cost to provide a comfort in mind but also in savings.



You guys did a great job on our Pergola & add-on bathroom that and we will be passing your number to our friends and family. Thanks.


Remarkable Customer Service!


Frank and Asia converted my home into a masterpiece, while staying within my tight budget . Thanks to the Elite

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