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About Evans Moving

Evans Moving is a hard-working business that prides itself in being the best.

Customers won't have any stress. We work very hard, fast and handle your items very carefully. We are very motivated to get jobs done and satisfy our customers' needs so as to make them happy with the job we do.

We offer load and unload services. We are located in Punta Gorda and willing to travel 60 miles from Punta Gorda to your home and new home.

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in moving furniture to where my customers have to go thier is no job to big or to small nor to hard nor to easy.


i work with anything that will get the job done quick and safe mainly muscle and a varity or moving equiment such as dollies,strapes,forearm forklifts,moving blankets ext.

Punta Gorda, FL 33955
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Payment options
Larry Evans accepts cash and checks
Hourly rate: From $30 to $90

certified moving professional ive got way back in 2006 employee awards great reviews from my customers

Cities served
Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Fort Myers, Englewood, Lehigh Acres, Arcadia and North Port
Services offered

i wish they knew how hard and fast and safe and also are customers service was they would be in good hands with Evans Moving.

o wow umm id say i average close to about 250 jobs a year on a good year on a bad year i would say about 160 a year.

ask about your rates if you provide strong professional workers and if any thing breaks what happens then stuff like that.

we mostly get load and unload services and pack and unpack services and any other service they would lke us to do

im proud of how far i came from what i was doing in the past i enjoy making people happy and stress free when it comes to moving and we all kno how moving is some times.

a good backround check experince they have how hard they work other customers reviews and how overall was thier service

how long have you've been doing what im doing and they ask how can we do what we do for a living,,i say you have to make a living some way and in plus i love what i do no matter how hard it looks thiers little tricks to everything that makes stuff a little easier.

if they need help with any thing else such as putting furniture together puting furniture where they would like it done to the last detail suck as plugging in a tv for them anything that the customers need so they are more than happy with what we've done

i started off working for a local moving company were lived about 8 years ago and since then ive been moving furniture ever since i enjoy what i do so i figured why not not start my own company.

i would recommend they use Evans Moving Service cheap rates reliable professional services they would not be dissapointed.

that im only 24 years old and have my own company even though i dont look it and how strong i am becuase you wouldnt believe it till you see it..


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