Exploit Workshop

Computer Repair in Orange, CA

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Exploit Workshop

Computer Repair in Orange, CA

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About Exploit Workshop

Exploit Workshop covers a wide range of computer repair and hardware/software services.

Although the name may sound dark, it originates from my current interest and study of technology security systems and analysis.

An exploit is simply a vulnerability in a software or firmware installed on a device.

I take care of my customers above and beyond the first call. As your technician, I will gladly troubleshoot after repairs without charging you again.

Below are our services. We hope to hear from you.

  • Registry Errors
  • Disk Partition
  • Missing components
  • Dual Boot
  • Factory Reset
  • Bootloader Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Wi-Fi Router Password Cracking WEP, WPA, WPA2
  • Login Password Recovery/Removal/Bypass
  • System Repair Disks for all Windows and Mac
  • Custom Themes/Software

Our software repair and services include:

  • Windows Vista - all versions
  • Windows XP - all versions
  • Windows 8 Beta
  • Windows 7 -all versions
  • Linux: Gnome/Fedora/Backtrack5R2
  • TurboTax All versions
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus
  • Quicken Home and Business 2012 Quicken Personal 2012 Ableton
  • Logic Studio
  • Pro Logic
  • Norton Anti-Virus
  • CS6 Suite Beta
  • CS5 Suite
  • Corel Suite
  • Maya 2012
  • autoCAD 2012
  • Rosetta Stone any language

We also offer remote assistance and installation services.

We are currently a local service in Orange, California. Remote assistance is possible for most of our services with minor customer interaction.


  • High speed internet connection
  • PC or MAC
  • Basic computer knowledge is great but not necessary since the session will be live

Contact me anytime for your computer repair needs!

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Orange, CA 92865
   (714) 975-0965
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Gio keeps things simple and helps out to the last option is tried out. I have had 4 other computer repair shops or guys in the past and none have been as helpful as Gio. He doesn't try to upsell software, hardware, or anything you don't need. Since the first contact and business I have gone back to him on several occasions and the quality of service has only gotten better.

I recommend him to everyone for business or personal use.


Great service! Fixed my computer remotely as well as made recommendations to help me in the future. I highly recommend their services! Fast, easy and inexpensive!

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