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Website designer, Responsive web developer, organic optimization consultant in Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz, CA

About Fabio Basile Web Services

Local web development and Organic optimization professional. Full-service office location downtown Santa Cruz.

Mission statement:

To help businesses owners by educating and providing solid advice, consulting on the web technologies they need to be competitive in an ever-changing high-tech world.

Learn about responsive web design, and why your business needs it to be visible on all internet devices, especially handheld, which are set to become the most popular method for browsing the web, more than desktop browsers ever were.

Google Authorship and many other methods of making use of your social presence across the web, gives you the power to reach more followers and potential business.

Dynamic websites enable your business to do more, at a fraction of the cost, with more solid, and faster technologies providing support for a personalized, premium experience to your clientele, without the premium price.


W3C compliant, search-optimized, CSS3/HTML5/PHP-powered dynamic web design.

Graphic design services, illustration, logo design, 3D modeling/animation/visualization, print-ready artworks.

Design concept development and visualization for manufacturing.


Software (only the ones I use the most):

  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Dreamweaver
  • ArtRage!
  • Alias Sketchbook Pro
  • Autodesk Maya
  • OpenOffice
  • MySQL 5.5
  • MySQL Workbench
  • OpenSimulator
  • ColorCop

Online apps:

  • LogMeIn
  • DropBox
  • OpenSimulator


Wacom Cintiq 12WX LCD tablet

Remodeling cost guides

Interior Design Cost
Average cost to hire an interior designer in Santa Cruz is about $60 - $230 (per hour, small project)

Feng Shui Design Cost
Total cost to implement feng shui design in Santa Cruz is around $570 (one in-person consultation for an average home by a consultant)

Bathroom Design Cost
Typical average cost to design a bathroom in Santa Cruz is around $4,520 (to hire a bathroom designer to provide standard design services)

331 Soquel Avenue, 206
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
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Payment options
Fabio Basile accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards
Hourly rate: From $40 to $80
Cities served
San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Cupertino, Gilroy, Los Gatos, Campbell, Morgan Hill, Seaside and other cities within 45 miles of Santa Cruz.

I have been very rarely contacted by clients who did not need a complete redesign of outdated, sloppy or cheaply made websites. This is very common with local businesses or individuals starting out on a limited budget. A brief first consultation with a professional can be helpful in finding out how much a budget can stretch towards a better design.

I spend time researching and experimenting constantly, even on completed projects. I always put myself in the position of being able to improve upon my work.

I never outsource. If I can't do it, I don't sell it.

Small business owners and individuals looking to promote their product or service should be aware of the following:

1. Don't pay for web hosting by the month. Reasonable web hosting for a small business should not exceed $150-$200 per year.

2. When on periodic retainers such as weekly, monthly or yearly fees, ask for an itemized bill.

3. Wordpress is meant to be used as a blog, not as a main advertising solution for your business.

4. A bad developer will design you a site thinking he knows your business better than you do. A good developer will take the time to learn about your business before making any design or feature suggestion.

5. Call or email me for a free initial consultation to find out how much more you can save.

  • Do you provide an itemized bill?
  • Do you focus on volume or quality?
  • Do you outsource?
  • How fast is your turn-around?
  • Do you provide an online test-site where i can see your work in progress?
  • Web design and graphic design skills aside, how familiar are you really with small businesses?
  • Do you work from home or do you have a proper office where you can receive clients?
  • Are you able to provide humble, simple and straight answers to a client's technical questions?

Business Category:

local retail, service provider, or online outlet?

local(where?) or global?

How much are you spending on web hosting, domain registration and other third-party services (online marketing, cloud storage, database hosting)?


Desired time frame and final deadline

I started professionally in 2006, with my first official client being Portable One Inc., formerly in Morgan Hill, CA.

I started with processing merchandise images for the store's online shopping cart and successively gained more reputation through an increasing number of clients, including the L.A. rock band Wyldsky with whom I am still working to this day.

BayAreaBridal.net and NewThings.com are the two projects I am most proud of. I have re-designed both sites from scratch in 2009, and to this day, they have been steadily on top of search results in spite of an unfavorable geographic location with respect to direct competitors.

I have been able to bring both sites to high rankings through 100% organic search optimization and without paid forms of advertising.

I am local. I do not outsource, and I am familiar with retail and local business environments. I understand payroll, overhead and the costs related with running a venture. I understand business beyond design and coding and will deliver a better product, without the detached cookie-cutter approach of larger firms.

Once a project is complete, assuming a positive feedback from the client, I provide full support for webmaster services, from design-related upgrades and modifications to search engine optimization for a standard hourly fee.

Consultations and meetings are free when scheduled at my office location. On-site consulting is charged by the hour. Commuting mileage is free of charge up to 25 miles, then it's $1.38 per mile.

At present, my personal average is about 10 projects on a long-term basis and about 10-15 short-term projects.


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