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Making your life easer so you can relax.We our a small Christian lawn service. We know lawns we will go the extra mile to see that your lawn is done right. We weed flower beds we edge weed eat plus much more . We do show up we our not scared to get dirty.We work hard on lawns to see you pleased with our work.Whats is unique about my company is my boss is the man up stairs I take orders to treat others that way I want to be treated.I do weeding gardens by the hour.But we can not do lawns with Rocks,Trash,Stumps we will clean it for a extra charge. No really tall brush we can not put our equitment down.Thanks


Make lawns beautiful building some beautiful flower beds.Weed Eat,edging . Cleaning lawns and making them stand out from the rest. Your grow it we mow it. We do charge extra for clean ups they take up most of our days. We weed Flower beds get them in shape so the weeds dont choke it out. We make your flower beds stand out.Regardless of who takes care of your lawn (you, one of the kids or a professional), this is one of the most important steps you must take for it's overall health. Even if you hire someone else to handle the weekly lawn maintenance, you still have a vested interest (it is still your yard) and you must be engaged in the process. nSummer's Lawn To-do Listn ■Mowing Height. 3 inches or higher is the rule of thumb. If you're unsure of your mower height, use the highest setting. This will keep scorching to a minimum and give roots the chance to hold more moisture.n ■Irrigation. Early in the day is best. Watering deeply and infrequently will save water without nnnLawnWorksnnNow offering fall cleanupnservicesn*specializing in leaf removaln*debris removaln*hedge trimmingn*small tree removaln*fresh long needle pine strawnQualificationsnn*2 years experiencen*the best in commercial equipmentn*references given upon requestnnReserve an appointment to get your lawn lookingngood for Thanksgivingnn


Toro,Weed machine ,Weed Eater,Echo Edger,Blowers,,rakes,wholes and shovels. I have a lawn mower trailer to haul my equitment.husqvarna ,cub cadett. Stihl weed eater we buy the best to keep your lawn looking good we use stihil leaf blowers get the jobs done.

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Typical cost to maintain and mow the lawn in Lawton is over $50-$60 (standard mow and maintenance)

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Hard knocks learning as I go giving my all to make lawns besutiful. Giving respect to the home owners showing up on time.

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How much do you chage? Depends on how high the grass is and if its full of debris. When can you get to my lawn. It all depends if I have work that have all ready been worked in. nSteps To Getting Rid Of Crab GrassnnnOnce this troublesome weed has gotten started in your yard, there are several things you can do to get control over it. The step or stage that is best for starting will depend on the season in which you begin.nn•Keep crabgrass seeds from spreading.n•Kill existing crabgrass.n•Remove dead crabgrass plants.n•Replant bare lawn spots with new grass seed.n•Apply a crabgrass preventer at the appropriate times.n•Set your lawnmower at the high end of the range that is best for your grass type.n•Restrict excess fertilizing or too-frequent watering.n•Keeping your lawn healthy is most conducive to getting rid of crabgrass.nnCrabgrass Control Through Seed ControlnnnDuring the warm months, getting rid of crab grass problems in the future should be your goal. Try to prevent the formation and spread of crabgrass seeds.nnBefore mowing, use a lawn rake to disturb the crabgrass from its prostrate position. Like running a comb through your hair the wrong way, use the rake to cause the seed branches to stand up above the grass. This might be a tedious chore, but can eliminate 2 or 3 times as many seed heads as a regular mowing.nnAfter raking, mow the lawn as soon as possible. Be sure to use a grass catcher. Normally, a mulching mower that returns clippings to the soil is a good idea. That won’t help when your goal is getting rid of crab grass seeds. nnCan you put these clippings, with seeds, into a compost pile? Only if you actively work the pile, turning it regularly to generate enough heat to kill the seeds. If you add to your garden beds any compost with the seeds not killed, guess what? Crabgrass seeds can remain alive for years in the soil, and germinate even at depths of 2” - 3”.nnYour best bet at this time may be to recycle your clippings through the local yard waste collection. This is not a technique to pursue long term. Just utilize this practice at the beginning of your “crabgrass war”, until you have killed or removed the weeds.nnHow To Kill Crab GrassnnnThe method of choice for getting rid of crab grass that is currently growing will depend on several factors. n•Is it a lawn area, flower beds or vegetable garden? n•How large is the affected area? n•Is conserving time, energy or money most important?n•What tools, equipment or products are available to you?nnnA complete analysis of these concerns will help you determine the best approach. Read this article, How To Kill Crab Grass. nnnnnnRemove Dead Crabgrass PlantsnnnGetting rid of crab grass plants after they die is just as important as killing the weed. The dense mat that crabgrass forms can smother nearby grass plants. Removing the dead plant in a timely manner may allow your lawn grass to recover. nnCrab grass is a type of plant that has an allelopathic effect. This means it releases a toxin that suppresses the growth of other plants. How long does this effect last after the crabgrass is dead? That is unclear, but the prudent action would be to eliminate any negative effect on your desired plants.nnnnnnReplant Bare Lawn SpotsnnnWhen soil is exposed in your lawn area, all types of weed seeds are likely to germinate and take hold. Plan to reseed these open areas in your lawn as soon as possible to eliminate opportunity for more trouble next season.nnEarly in the fall season is a great time to start new grass. It should have plenty of time to get established before winter. The spring season is NOT a good time to reseed grass IF you plan to use a preemergent as a crabgrass preventer. nnCover non-lawn areas with a thick layer of mulch to reduce the likelihood of weeds growing. At least one inch thick will help, but two inches is better. Any weeds that still sprout through this will be very easy to eliminate by pulling or spraying.nnnnnnCrabgrass PreventionnnnYou’ve embarked on the lengthy journey of getting rid of crab grass. The most important part of your success comes with preventing the next infestation. nnThe easiest way to do this is by using a preemergent. This is simply a product that will inhibit the crabgrass seedling as it starts to grow. Both chemical and natural products are available.nnTiming is always important with pre-emergents, but crabgrass is a bit different from most common weeds. The generic advice you may hear may need to be tailored to fit your situation. Learn some useful facts in this article, When To Apply Crabgrass Preventern

I am honest I love the Lord I try to do as he tells me. I will never chart change you I will get the job done.nnWe do Weekly/Bi-Weekly,Monthly or just a one time cut you got it.Keep your lawns at least 3inch in this heat to prevent them from burning up very imporant.We have seen so many lawns burned because of cutting them way to short.

I have many projects I am working on I plan to get as many as I can do. I do want to get so many I can take care of my costumers. I want give my personal attention to my costumers.

Factsn nnnThatch buildup --- while natural --- can damage your lawn if too much sits on your turf. Remove anything more than one-half inch thickness of thatch. To repair damaged turf areas, add a seed repair mix --- such as Kentucky Blue Grass, Fine Fescue and Perennial Rye Grass --- depending on whether the lawn lies primarily in the sun or shade.Cutting Grass is probably the single most important step in your weekly lawn maintenance schedule. There is nothing more unsightly than to see grass so overgrown that it is a foot tall. To avoid a situation where the grass length is out of control it is important to set up a mowing schedule and stick with it. In order to set your mowing schedule you need a plan and there are important questions that need to be answered.n n• When in the spring should I start mowing?nnn• How often should I cut the grass?nnn• What length should the grass be?nnn• Should I mow wet grass?nnn• What pattern should I use to cut the grass?nnn• Should I cut the grass during a drought?nnn• Should I bag the grass clippings?nnn• When should I cut the grass for the last time in the fall?nnnnn

I started in the spring putting adds out printing flyers printing up business cards going door to door offering my services. Also being honest on time and getting the job done right. Working hard to make sure my clients were happy with my work. They told there friends about my services I built of a nice little business.

How much do you charge when can you get to my lawn? How long have you been in business? How long do you thank it will take? We all want green luscious lawns. We all love to have full, beautiful flowers beds, and productive gardens. We have to have water to achieve these goals. What we need to understand is that water is not endless. Sometimes we have to conserve water, more in some places than others, but we all need to do it. nnYou might not need as much water as you think either. Research locally to find out exactly how much water is recommended to get that great lawn, flower bed, and gardens. Once you find out the minimal amount needed it will be easy to set your water timer to make those things possible.n nWhen you have all that figured out great, but you also need to keep the climate and season in mind. In cooler temperatures/seasons you will not need as much water. Summer will obviously require more water. Don’t water in the heat of the day either. Set you timer for early in the morning or late evening. If it is raining turn off your water. Let nature take care of the watering on those days.n nWater is a great natural resource and we all need to do our part to conserve it.nnYou should look and see if there reliable look for ref. Do you mow tall weeds plus clean up debris that might mess a mower up.

Mowing,Weed Eat,Edging, and blowing. Picking up debris and trash in my trade. Weeding flower beds redoing flower beds.We also put up Christmas lights we help you go all out for the holidays.

The lawns that I have mowed and people were very pleased with my work. Makes a person feel good about them self.Hope to get more flower beds I love to see how beautiful we made them. We have many clents that love the way there lawn looks after we or finished. We or very proud of our lawns.

Its a hard job but its my passion to keep Gods green carpet looking good. But I feel its very rewarding in the end when I go home after a hard days work. I drive by and can say that lawn looks sharp. nnnTrimming and Edging help achieve that well manicured look. Each time you cut the grass you should follow by using the line trimmer. The line trimmer should be used around tree rings, planting beds or a shed. Edging is more of a bi-weekly or monthly practice. The edger is used to make the grass edge straight with the pavement (driveway, sidewalk or street).

Maintenancen nnnMow your lawn to a 3 inch height in the summer and down to a 1-inch height prior to winter, as this prevents spring mold. Apply fertilizer one to three times in June, September or mid-October, depending upon your specific needs. Lawns need about one inch of water per week through deep root watering.nKeeping lawns looking nice is our job.nWe weed flower beds we redo flower beds. We will come and do what ever is needed to get your lawn in shape. nn

The importance of good mowing practices is often overlooked. Mowing has a major influence on the turf density, uniformity and aesthetic quality of a home lawn. It is also the most repetitious and time-consuming maintenance practice and is often done incorrectly.


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