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Brooklyn, NY

About Final Touch Painting Service

Final Touch offers a high quality expert painting and design service. We are a high end residential painting company since 2000. We service all 5 boroughs, providing the most absolute quality work for our customers.

Our specialized services include:

  • Wood finishes
  • Deck restoration
  • Outdoor patio restoration
  • Venetian plaster
  • Oil painting,
  • Molding restoration
  • All interior finishes
  • Custom designed drop ceiling
  • Faux finishes for counter tops, walls, ceilings
  • And much, much more

Bottom line is we are professional and expert painters providing quality work for prices you can afford!

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We specialize in all wood finishes, deck restoration, out door patio furniture restoration, all interior finishes, Venetian plaster, FAUX finishes, amazing oil finishes for crn & base moldings/door casings, sponge design, California ceilings, wood protection applications, out door block foundation sealing, customized drop ceiling panel design, skim coating and much, much more!!


benjiman moore,sherwin williams,IBM,MCM,Mercury paints,BPS Industrial enamels&oils,VENETIAN PLASTER Firenze,vasri plaster&stucco products,momaraino products. citi strip soygel,smart strip. strips more then 20 layers of any varnish or paint.Seal RX for amazing wood protection&sealing.DEFY wood cleaning products. Benjiman moore sealers,!All products always have the most amazing results Guarenteed!!

Brooklyn, NY 11234
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Daniel Castillo accepts cash and checks
Cities served
Brooklyn, New York, Bronx, Staten Island, Newark, Jersey City, Trenton, Jamaica, Flushing, Yonkers and other cities within 100 miles of Brooklyn.
Services offered

I Started at the young age of 14yrs working for my grandfather. He owned a very well known and sucessful painting company (Deluca Painting inc.), he tought me every thing i know.We worked together for over 10 years, i learned the bussiness very well and when he passed on i decided to start my own company to carry on the trade in his name and so far i sucessfully accomplished expanding our business.

The most commom projects are interior design alot of venetial plaster,patio furniture restoration , crown molding restoration, exterior building restoration,all wood resurfacing etc..

Our company since 2000 believes in professionalism and quality work. We average between eight to twevle projects a month .

We always recommend using the best quality painting materials. This can help the customer save money by having a finish that can last a lifetime.Also customers can purchase material on their own this can save the cost of the contractors time and gas fees witch means more money in your pocket, You are guarenteed to save anywhere from 10-20% of total job cost.

Our company offers all customers a two year contract to maintain the beauty of their homes at hourly rates. We also offer a referral appreciation payment of one hundred dollars for any recommendation to another project.

(1).How many years experience in the painting Trade? (2).Do they have references or photos of there work?(3).Does your company finance large painting projects?(4).What does your company specialize in? (5).Do you provide free estimates?(6).Do you provide breakdowns of overall job costs?(7)Are you insured?

Q:How long will the project take? A:always depends on the project,usually anywhere from 2-8weeks. Q:Do you work with other contractors that cover Plumbing,electrical,carpentry,Roofing,dry wall Etc..? A: absolutly we work with alot of well known contractors that will drop cost becouse of our agreements so you save alot of money. Q:Can i save money by purchasing the material myself? A: absolutly labor charges only apply,by purchasing the material yourself it can save you up to 10%-20% less of overall job cost.


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