Firefighter Tree Service

Tree Specialists in Redwood City, CA

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Firefighter Tree Service

Tree Specialists in Redwood City, CA

Get free estimates from contractors near you

About Firefighter Tree Service

Firefighter Tree Service is an expert tree service provider.

We serve both residential and commercial clients, and offer free estimates.

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artistic trimming & pruning


  • stihl husqvarna echo solo for saws and blowers
  • mack 20 yard diesel
  • F700 12.5 yard diesel
  • international 25 yard diesel
  • asplundh 16 inch chipper
  • chipmore 12 inch chipper
  • dosko 27 hp stump grinder
  • carlton 27 hp stump grinder

Questions and Answers

  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
experience professionalism licence insured
  • What are you most proud of?
6 pines extracted by crane out of golf course in 1 day
  • How many projects do you average in a year?
  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
thorough walk threw after scope of work is completed and complete clean ups
  • How did you get started?
Grew up on 56 acre apple ranch in watsonville ca and experienced wildland firefighter northern ca regions
Redwood City, CA 94063
   (650) 454-0373
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license & insured

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I hired him to cut down my trees. He took my money, but then took off and did not finish the job. He refuses to do the job. And for a thin redwood, I don't need a permit until 37.7" round circumference.

He only comes up with excuses and excuses. His lies that he fought fires is only to get you to trust him. I too was in search & rescue with the sheriff's department and trusted him. All fake from him.

He doesn't have a license, no place of business address and no way to go after him. DO NOT HIRE HIM!

He is a fake!!!! and illegally doing business in California and if he drops a tree on your house, you are at a loss! Do NOT HIRE HIM.

When he dropped trash from his car to my driveway, he kicked it further instead of picking it up. Spits on my property and didn't care. Arrogant, lost his way of doing honest work. Dishonest person.

Go ahead, try to find his license, his place of business address and let me know....but I can't find a single location or such.


Like a lot of my reviews, this one regards a service provided to my HOA. As a board-member, I had a hand in deciding a contract award to Firefighter Tree Service.

Our property is a small 30 year old condo development on 2.6 acres in north San Jose. Our property has a mix of European Birch, Valley Oak, Coastal Redwood, Liquidambar, and Holly Oak trees. When we had arborists recently on the property to give an evaluation of things, they indicated our property over-planted and that correct pruning of our trees has not occurred. What service we have had has not provided for proper health, safety, and longevity of our trees. Previous landscaping crews had taken nips at pruning from the ground and roof, but the crews did not go into canopies and provide definitive cutting and thinning. It became apparent that the remedial and extensive pruning necessary could leave many of our trees rather unattractive for two to three years, but we had to make the right decisions for the trees, not necessarily for short-term appearances.

As per our HOA guidelines, we obtained bids from four licensed contractors, to include Dennis and his Firefighter Tree Service crew. The bid from Dennis was not the least expensive (second lowest), but he promised more regarding an effort at sticking with artistic pruning than all the others, despite the neglected condition of our trees. Our contract was $19,500 in total, with 60% of the property completed in the fall of 2012 and the remaining 40% in the Spring of 2013. In addition to pruning, services from Firefighter included felling several trees, stump grinding, and removing waste.

As others have stated, Dennis is very hands on and I would say he was present 90-95% of the time his crew was working our site. His absences were for things to support the job. The Firefighter crew was polite to our residents, and moved at a good clip though our property, leaving things cleaner than when they started.

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