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Raleigh, NC

About Fit-Rollie

Fit-Rollie is a fitness training team. We provide personal training services, boot camp classes (including corporate challenges) and youth strength and conditioning programs.

We can train you one on one to be fitter than you are now, or the fittest you've ever been. Our boot camp classes will challenge your muscular and cardiovascular strength which can give you a lean efficient body.

Our youth strength and conditioning program is designed to teach developing children (ages 13 - 18) proper form and technique in the weight room, and guide them to being quicker, faster, stronger and more agile on the playing field (if they choose to play sports).

All programs are accompanied by nutrition advice to help your bodies recover better, and prepare yourself better for your next workout. Live functionally better and be fit!

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Raleigh, NC 27616
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