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Elite Training for Athletes in Salem, OR

Salem, OR

About Forshey Training Systems

Forshey Training Systems was created in order to provide elite level of strength and conditioning to local athletes. FTS provides individual or small group training. We do not do simple weight loss training, but intense training for athletes.

If you want to push your athletic abilities to the next level, this is the program for you!

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I, Jake Forshey, founder of FTS, specialize in training athletes. I offer elite level training for high school and college athletes.

I provide them with a training program guaranteed to take their game to the next level Men, women, young and old can all benefit from these techniques.

Salem, OR 97306
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Jake Forshey accepts cash and checks
Cities served
Salem, Corvallis and Albany
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After a client has left my program, I offer him/her updated written programs for in-season training. This can also be done with FTS, although it is not a requirement.


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