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GLP Foundation Repair, LLC. specializes in residential capital improvements including Foundation Repair for Slab on grade as well as Pier & Beam Foundation Repair & Drainage Solutions, like French Drains, Catch Basins, and solid storm pipe. We offer free evaluations for homeowners and buyers and work extensively with real estate and mortgage professionals throughout the Fort Worth area.

We provide fast, FREE assessments in DFW to establish whether or not the foundation is in need of repair. If it is, we can schedule the work quickly and all documents can be processed efficiently in the event the home is for sale. All jobs are finalized by third party licensed structural engineers.

Here in Fort Worth and Stephenville and North Texas standing water can cause a wide variety of problems, none more damaging or costly than the problems it can cause with a home?s foundation. Just call GLP Foundation Repair in Fort Worth and Stephenville.

It also depends on what type of water is standing around the foundation. Rain water collecting and pooling up around the foundation of a home can, believe it or not, enter concrete. Concrete foundations are porous, and water fills in any pores it can find. Over time, the water can seep into the concrete foundation and ultimately break down the concrete.

This break down will cause the foundation to crack, which will in turn cause foundations to shift and the home to become unsettled. Cracks in the ceiling or wall in the inside of the home can be a symptom of a foundation affected by standing water in Fort Worth and Stephenville, Arlington, Keller and all of North Texas.

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Total cost to hire an structural engineer in Fort Worth is over 8% (of total construction project fee)

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