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Steve Costaney Commercial Wood Finishing

Wood Finishing in Winter Haven, FL

Winter Haven, FL

About Steve Costaney Commercial Wood Finishing

My name is Steve Costaney,and I want to tell you a little bit about my company.I specializing in contract wood finishing, special finishes on wood, table top resins, polyester,staining,solid laquers,select refinish work,color matching,and anything that has to do with wood finishing.

We match colors to any wood and will give your products a showroom finish. For contractors, if you can build it, I'll make it beautiful.

I have over 26 years of experience in spraying and over 17 years in wood finishing.

We serve all of Central Florida from coast to coast.

We do not build units, just finish them. 954-461-5568


We specialize in any type of finish on wood.Be it a stain, solid lacquer finishes,table top resins,polyester finishes,or exotic finishes,we can do it all.From 1 piece to 1000 pieces we strive on high end quality from start to finish.

One of my highest point is knowledge of chemicals being used,and trouble shooting various problems that may occur on a daily basis.I cam match any wood color from a sample, or just a vision that a customer may have.I love to do shabby chic, and old world distressed finishes.Its a piece of art when finished and a product any customer would be proud to show off.


I use pre catalyzed lacquers,conversion varnishes,water based and oil stains.I use table top resins and polyester finishes from various vendors depending on the job.

Winter Haven, FL 33881
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Payment options
Steve Costaney accepts cash, checks and Paypal
Hourly rate: From $30 to $45
Cities served
Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland, Brandon, Kissimmee, Valrico, Lutz, Apopka, Altamonte Springs, Saint Cloud and other cities within 90 miles of Winter Haven.

Look around the internet for pricing,and the differences between finishes.As in Lacquer versus Varnish.Try to gain as much knowledge about wood finishing as you can before you call a company.There are a lot of companies our there that use sub par materials,just out to make a quick buck,and the customer will regret it after time.The cheapest bid is not always the best bid.

Moldings and doors.People love to accent their homes with crown moldings,and new base boards.Then after they do that, they tend to change their doors, or change the colors of the doors to match the moldings.

Wood color changes.Even after the product is finished weather its a stain finish or a solid lacquer,the wood will change.The color samples are exactly that,samples.When applied to a wood substrate,some pieces may not match 100% because the wood will change color from piece to piece,door to door.It can be toned to match closer, but then if not toned right it becomes looking like a painted finish....Its the beauty of natural wood.

What kind of topcoats are you using?How is the U.V. rating of the applied topcoat?Will it fade?Will it change color?How durable is the finish?Can you match colors that I presently have on other wood products?What is your turn around time?

I have been spraying 26 years.From spraying,I learned the wood finishing trade from some of the best wood finishers in South Florida.I decided to start my own company because I was tired of working for companies that didn't care about quality.I take great pride in my work and don't consider this a job,it is an art to me.

I average between 50-100 projects per year

Look around, get your best price.Take a few proposals but don't give up quality as you will pay for it in the long run.

I take this work serious.I am an artist,and treat every piece of wood like its my canvas.I am best when I can just let go and put some real crazy finishes on wood.I love it.

I have several jobs I am proud of.I am proud every time I look back at a finished product,and know it is done the right way and to the best of my abilities.I think the nicest job I have done is the new furniture construction in Jason Taylor (from the Miami Dolphin's) home.I finished the Kitchen,Bar area,Living Room, Office,Cigar room, and various mill works in his house.

Will you be using lacquer? is the most common question.We use the best finish that we feel is suitable for the job we are doing.Lacquer is good for furniture that doesn't get a lot of use.Lacquer scratches very easily,and is not too chemical resistant.Dining room furniture, and kitchens that get a lot of use would be better suitable for a conversion varnish.It is more expensive, but the strength and durability is well worth the extra money spent.It has a very high U.V. rating and is very good with chemical resistance.As with lacquer if you drop nail polish on it, the furniture could be ruined.If you do the same with varnish,you just wipe it off and clean with acetone.If the Varnish is catalyzed correctly,and applied correctly,you will not have any of your finish damaged from liquids accidentally getting poured on it.

We guarantee all of our work for 1 year.We guarantee problems that may occur to our applications,such as peeling, delamination,cracking,bubbling.We do not guarantee damage or normal wear and tear that is inflicted on our products after delivery and the job is signed off.We can repair any damaged finish that may occur.We can match any other wood products that you need to match any job we perform


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